MINI Cooper S Remaps

Calibrations in the MINI Cooper market were well overdue following the success of our development in the pocket rocket class of cars with the likes of the Polo GTI and the Fiesta ST.

When the chance came to be able to offer tuning software for the MINI Cooper S and JCW models, we of course jumped at the opportunity. Slowly but surely, we are starting to see more of these little pocket rockets in our workshop for our coveted VUDU Performance remap software, and with the high-performance gains on offer, it's easy to see why!

A huge 40% power gain is expected from the stage 1 Mini Cooper S software update alone!

MINI Cooper S Stage 1 Remap:

VUDU Performance Figures - 260-270bhp & 300lbs/ft

The Stage 1 MINI Cooper remap is our introductory remap software for this particular model, designed to run purely on a completely stock vehicle to gain the power and torque this software can offer! This makes it the perfect place to begin your tuning journey without having to spend hundreds of pounds on the supporting hardware of a full stage 2 tuning package.

For the best results from this Stage 1 file, we do however recommend fitting a RAMAIR panel filter, purely to allow the Cooper S engine to receive sufficient airflow and allow the car to run as smoothly as possible.

MINI Cooper S Stage 2 Remap:

VUDU Performance Figures - 290-300bhp & 320lbs/ft

If you are then ready to take the next step in your tuning development, then the Stage 2 software update is the jump you need. Like with all our stage 2 software though, this remap does require a complete tuning package to be able to run efficiently.

This Stage 2 tuning package will comfortably see your car reaching around 290-300bhp, with a hefty jump in torque that will no doubt keep you pinned to your seat. We have hand-selected each bit of hardware in this package, selecting only the highest quality products, ensuring a perfect pairing of excellent software and brilliant hardware.

This includes the likes of the Cobra Sport downpipe option with a decat or sports cat available, a RAMAIR induction kit, and a VUDU Performance intercooler.

Important Factors To Consider:

  • Please note all the VUDU Performance ECU tunes have been calibrated to run 99 ron fuel such as Tesco Momentum or Shell V Power. You will not see the results shown above if the wrong fuel is in the car.
  • Please note that you have the option to get the remap flashed on our very own hub dyno or you can purchase a VUDU Performance tuning tool to flash the map from the comfort of your own home.

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