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Ford Fiesta ST

Mike came to us with his Ford Fiesta ST due to an unfortunate sequence of events, The car arrived on the back of a trailer with no turbo, cross over and other bits missing due to a well known Ford tuner letting him down and leaving Mike out of pocket. Mikes request was for a reliable stage 3 turbo system, as his Fiesta ST spends most of its time on the track or commuting between tracks. After some discussions it was agreed we would install our ultimate hybrid the VT330R.

Mike has been running his car for a few months with no issue including a few track days getting the maximum out of his modifications.

We have helped support and transform Mike car into a total track animal. With all the parts being fitted in-house and tested using our dyno and years of experience.

What We Did?


  • Fiesta ST3 2014 Standard Internals
  • AET VT330R Hybrid Turbo (302WHP)
  • Peron Tuning
  • Turbosmart 7psi Actuator
  • Turbosmart Recirc Valve
  • Pro Alloy Baffled Sump
  • ITG Intake
  • ITG Crossover Pipe
  • Stage 3 Airtek Intercooler
  • Full Non-Res Milltek Race Exhaust System
  • Gearbox
  • KAAZ Plated Differential
  • ST200 Final Drive


  • Front Brakes: AP 9200 Callipers & 330 Discs, RSL 29’s Front Pads
  • Rear Brakes: Standard Callipers & Tarox Japan Sport Rear Discs, Tarox Pads


  • BC Race Addition Coilovers (Race Set)
  • Powerflex Bushes Hangers/Joints
  • Airtek Gearbox Mount


  • Motordrive Composite (Size 5) Race/Rally Seats Voodoo/VT330R Embroidery
  • TRS – Motordrive Logo’s 5 Point Harness’s (Lightweight)
  • Recarro Seat Mount Double Locking Runners (Both Seats)
  • Steering Wheel Fully Stripped Thinned Alcantara Perforated Leather Red Centre Marker (Royal Steering Wheels)
  • Racelogic VBOX Video HD2 (Front Rear Cameras/Data-logger)
  • Autotel RR850 Professional Intercoms
  • SW Half Cage (Professionally Fitted)


  • Custom Voodoo Wrap/Sunstripe (The Vehicle Wrapping Centre – Manchester)
  • Bonnet Cooler Vents
  • 15mm Bonnet Risers
  • Maxton Design Body Kit
  • RS Spoiler
  • 90mm x 5 Vented Front Bumper & Trumpet Inserts
  • Vented Fog Lights (Brake Coolers)
  • Kahn Cosworth 17” x 7.5” Bright Red Powder-coated (Courtesy Top Wheels Morecambe)
  • Ford St3 Standard 17” Florissant Powder-coated (Courtesy Top Wheels Morecambe)

Future Modifications:

  • Hard Pipe Bottom Side (AET Developments)
  • More Fuel bigger pump (AET Developments)
  • Forged Engine (AET Developments)
  • M-Sport Door Cards
  • Sequential Gearbox (AET Developments)
  • Voodoo Gearbox Mount/Oil Cap (AET Developments)
  • Further Suspension Change (TBC) (AET Developments)

Ford Fiesta ST Tuning

Ford Fiesta ST at Silverstone

Ford Fiesta ST at Silverstone

Fiesta ST Silverstone Showroom

Fiesta ST Vudu Wrap

Ford Fiesta ST Side Wrap

Ford Fiesta ST Rear Wrap



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