Our state-of-the-art remapping facility in West Yorkshire brings a wealth of ECU remap knowledge together with the finest hub dyno and diagnostic equipment available today.

The Dynapack Hub Dyno is a direct bolt to hub solution which is not only more accurate than a rolling road but more consistent, safer and versatile boasting over 2000bhp compatibility we are yet to find a car model we are unable to test in our enclosed cell with a fan capacity of “” and an extraction unit that can flow over “”

We regularly see people ask the question where I can get a remap near me. We don’t just offer an off the shelf engine remap solution all our software is specially developed using our own demo vehicles to ensure not just a powerful tune but a polished calibration for enhanced driving pleasure.

Our Chip tuning service has been honed over 12 years of trading allowing us to offer calibrations for diesel engines and petrol engines for improved fuel consumption flawless drivability and ultimately outstanding power delivery.

Remapping Tools

We have multiple remapping tools from leading manufacturers that offer stable programming of ECU and TCU units this includes:

  • CMD Flash Tool
  • Kess V2
  • Ktag

Powergate home flash tool (allows access to our tuning worldwide)

We frequently add to our remapping tools ensuring we have the latest and most stable solution for various makes and models.

VUDU Tuning Tool

VUDU Performance Hub Dyno

Our Australian made Dynapack dyno is market leading and is far superior for R&D work to ensure consistency and safety over rolling road tuning.

See some specs below for our enclosed dyno facility.

  • 2000whp capability 4wd hub dyno
  • Inbuilt dealer level data logging
  • Full weather centre aids consistency
  • Water cooled for long durations of steady state and power run use
  • Built through “cfm” wall mounted cooling fans
  • Multiple angle extraction for operator safety

A vital part of any company building remap calibrations is to have the correct diagnostic equipment to be able to carry out data logs and data acquisition using diagnostic systems with full effect. Without this important information it is impossible to get a true understanding to what effect changes within the remap are having in either a positive or negative way.

Some of our latest data acquisition tools:

  • Ross Tech VAG COM VCDS Software
  • Autel
  • Forscan
  • HP Tuners
  • Dynapack OBD Live

When we develop our remap files the research and development is almost always upwards of six months this allows us to produce something that gives powerful results on the dyno but more so the ultimate driving experience on the road. We further couple this with component protection to ensure longevity of the engine and gearbox.

VUDU Performance Dyno

Remap Options are available for the below models:

We also have a full complimenting range of TCU remaps complimenting DSG gearboxes found in many Volkswagen models and the DCT / ZF8 speed gearbox found in the BMW range.

You can order from our fixed price remap menu following the link or contact a technical advisor about your requirement through our Contact Us page.