Garage Services

Our bespoke workshop located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire boasts some of the finest performance car garage equipment and diagnostic tools in the area. With over 4000 square foot of available space, two rotary car lifts and a fully enclosed temperature-controlled hub dyno facility; we pride ourselves on our boutique style of performance car upgrades and modifications.

Our facility and infrastructure, coupled with our passionate technical team allow us to take your car modification from conception to completion with a host of data acquisition and accurate build schedule along the way.

Our team have a deep understanding of bespoke car modifications and what’s required to ensure your performance car looks and performs to its optimum potential. We have a rich history in motorsport which we have honed into many of our upgraded hardware and remap software packages for your road car.

Leading hardware manufacturers work alongside us to supply the ultimate hardware upgrades. This has developed over 15 years of hard work to make our online store and stock facility one of the most efficient in the UK.

See below to view our full range of garage services:


A remap is almost always one of the first things car enthusiasts look to change about their performance car. We have our own VUDU Performance remap software which we developed with our very own calibration team.

Car having a remap

Performance Parts Supply and Installation

Over the last 12 years, we have built relationships with some of the world’s best hardware manufacturers, developed our own range of hardware and honed our skill set to bring a flexible and enjoyable experience for our customers visiting our facility in West Yorkshire.

See below a list of services we offer:

  • Suspension components supply fit and service full coil over kits and spring sets
  • Full turbocharger supply, service repair and install
  • All aspects of performance upgrades
  • Race car preparation and build
  • Wheel and tyre install and balancing
  • Compression test and leak down checks
  • Smoke testing and boost pressure testing
  • Dyno testing and data acquisition
  • General repairs

From a stage 1 remap to a full stage 3 build including a bespoke build service fully tailored to your requirements. You will be assigned a technician and customer service representative to take the process from design concept to delivery.

Performance Tuning at VUDU Performance

Performance Car Servicing

Our garage is fully prepared to offer the best performance car servicing from a simple oil and filter change to a full recommission of a classic car. We have the leading diagnostic equipment to reset service lights and code OEM ecu’s.

Diagnostic and Data Acquisition

As a leading tuning facility, naturally we need premium tools and OEM diagnostic equipment on hand. This allows us to do our daily job and doubles up perfectly for completing diagnosis jobs and identifying electrical faults. We are also able to run electrical tests on many sensors across Ford, BMW, Porsche, and VW Audi group cars.

Race Car Preparation

We offer services to the occasional track day enthusiast right through to race car preparation and team support. Using our experience and knowledge of racing our own fleet of cars, preparing for events we have developed processes to give you the best chance of having a successful track day or race event.

Mk8 Fiesta ST Racecar Prep

Please contact a member of the team at VUDU Performance through our Contact Us page to book your spot in the garage at the earliest convenience.