About VUDU Performance

When winning means everything, you need the people who know everything about winning.

After four decades of motorsport, we understand that success is built on experience more than just equipment and money.

You need an extra something - that secret formula that's going to help you squeeze out every last drop of power and performance. That touch of black magic that comes from the correct balance of experience, expertise, passion and talent, and gives you the edge you need to succeed.

VUDU Performance history

This history charts our many years of working in motorsport, with plenty of great pictures, stories and quotes from company founder Tony Taylor, and his son, current VUDU MD, Andy Taylor.

From Tony’s early experience at Holset and meetings with Enzo Ferrari, to VUDU helping Project Zed to become the fastest Japanese car in Europe, it's been an incredible journey.

In 2012, VUDU Performances invested in a Saker, with the ambition of making it even better. We launched the Saker Voodoo RapX project at the 2012 Autosport Show, and it was hugely popular with both visitors and journalists alike.

Our aim is to showcase what it is that makes VUDU special. The Saker is already an amazing, lightweight and beautiful car and with a 2.0litre 270bhp Subaru engine, it has plenty of power under the bonnet…but we want to take it to the next level.

In true VUDU fashion, we’re taking things to the limit, pushing the boundaries and seeing how much additional power and performance we can squeeze out of it.

Over the coming year, we’re going to be maximising the Saker’s bhp with an innovative, customised hybrid Borg Warner Turbo, fitting bespoke internals to the engine, upgrading the ECU and refining the dynamics – and that’s just for starters…

Eventually, we want to test it at the Nürburgring and find out just how fast it can go.