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EBC Brakes are globally recognised for the development of a large number of brake pads and brake discs.

EBC Brakes have been the staple diet for braking products for road cars and track users a like. EBC brakes have 2 factories split across the USA and UK allowing EBC Brakes to service consumers world wide for there modified car projects!!

In the UK EBC Brakes produce over 5000 part numbers of brake discs / Rotors along with 1000s of EBC brake pads , braided brake lines and repair parts.

EBC Brakes have been producing braking components since the early 80s and has since grown to become one of the biggest braking supply companies in the world.

EBC Brakes are still a privately owned company to this day and is now run by CEO James Hallett.

If you want to know more about EBC brakes and other performance car brakes here is a great blog about them.

Browse the EBC Brakes systems available at VUDU Performance, we only stock the finest tuning products on the market with years of tried and tested experience. Please contact our trained technicians in Normanton to learn more about EBC Brakes with fitting and dyno testing available.

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