EBC Brakes GD Series Slotted And Dimpled Brake Discs For The VW Polo 6C 1.8T

EBC Brakes GD Series Slotted And Dimpled Brake Discs - VW Polo 6C 1.8T

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EBC Brakes GD Series Slotted And Dimpled Brake Discs For The VW Polo 6C 1.8T

The EBC slotted and dimpled Brake Discs are one of the finest sets available for the Volkswagen Polo 6C 1.8T model.

The slotted and dimpled brake discs draw in the cool air to the braking contact area, drastically reducing temperatures and air noise whilst preventing brake fade. The brake discs also maintain the flat and parallel pad wear to improve the contact with the brake pads throughout the life of the disc and pad set. The benefits don't stop with just the performance features as the GD Series Slotted and Dimpled Brake Discs are perfectly finished with a thermic black coating to create a visually appealing aspect to your brake system.

We recommend these brake discs for Fast Street Driving!

A pair of brake discs arrive when you select front or rear from the drop down list, you also have the option of purchasing the full set of brake discs which include all four discs. Please select the option you require from the drop down list.

You need to purchase new brake pads when changing the brake discs, take a look at the brake pads available for the VW Polo here.

Learn More About EBC Brakes in the YouTube clip below:

Rear Brake Discs:

Type: Grooved & Solid Discs

Part No: GD816

Bolt Holes: 5

Dimensions: 233mm Diameter / 40mm Height / 9mm Thickness (new) 7mm Thickness (min)

Front Brake Discs:

Type: Grooved & Vented Discs

Part No: GD930

Bolt Holes: 5

Dimensions: 312mm Diameter / 35mm Height / 25mm Thickness (new) 23mm Thickness (min)

Require a Fitting?

Please contact the team at VUDU Performance for further details on fitting the EBC Brake Discs to your VW Polo 6C 1.8T model. Our team of highly skilled technicians have had plenty of experience working on the different VW models so will have no problem with the fitting.

Call or Email to discuss:
T: 01924 228042 | E: sales@vuduperformance.com

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