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In recent years, the Toyota Yaris GR has quickly established itself as one of the best hot hatches available for purchase. Toyota has designed the 3 cylinder engine Yaris with the intention of pushing the brand back into the heart of the car tuning enthusiast. If rumor has it that every Yaris GR produced is actually at a loss due to its incredible spec from the factory.

Initially planned for use in the infamous World Rally Championship, the spec of these cars is actually quite incredible. From the factory, the Yaris GR arrives with an all-wheel drive system, floating bell disc brakes, performance coilovers, lightweight track wheels, and an incredible amount of tricks under the hood.

But like with all performance cars, there's always room for improvement that our team of specialists can take advantage of to reach those top speeds. Within this product collection, you will find an array of top-performance brands capable of quickly adapting your GR Yaris into that true modern-day road rally car it was born to be.

Yaris GR

Toyota Yaris GR Mods

The popularity of the Toyota Yaris GR has manufacturers rushing to design and bring performance and styling parts to the tuning market. We are constantly adding new product lines to our website to keep up with our suppliers, providing you with a one-stop shop that is capable of supplying all your modded GR Yaris needs.

Working with some of the UK's leading tuning manufacturers such as Forge Motorsport, Milltek Exhausts, and AIRTEC Motorsport, our GR Yaris mods collection showcases a wide range of performance hardware capable of optimizing the Yaris GR performance. In the not-too-distant future, we plan to design and bring our own range of VUDU Performance products to the Yaris GR sports car market. Using our knowledge and experience of the Ford market to ensure only the highest quality tuning and upgrading parts are produced.

Yaris GR Tuning Staff Picks:

Selecting your next Toyota GR Yaris mod can always be a tricky decision. To help you decide which avenue you want to take your Yaris GR down, here we shall list our top 5 Yaris GR products that our workshop technicians have specifically picked out.

Which Exhaust Should I Buy For My Toyota Yaris GR?

When it comes to choosing the brand of aftermarket exhaust system for your Yaris GR there are plenty of options. You can read all about which brand is the one for you in our Exhaust Systems Buying Guide blog post. Our technicians though have chosen the Milltek Sport GPF Back-System, specifically the non-resonated version with the polished tips.

The exhaust system is often one of the first places that modifying enthusiasts like to make a change, with its increased airflow, improved power delivery, and sportier exhaust tone a huge selling point.

Yaris GR Exhaust

What Brand Of Front Splitter For My Yaris GR?

When it comes to choosing a brand of splitter kit, there is only one obvious choice. Maxton Design supplies the goods of all our body kits, not just for the Yaris GR but for all the makes and models that we cater to. Our Maxton Design product range boasts over 2,500 splitters, so it's safe to say that this is a brand we have come to know and trust over the years to bring that perfect style finishing touch.

Splitter kits allow your GR Yaris to stand out from the others on the road, making them unique and personal to you and your styling needs. The Maxton Design V.3 Front Splitter is the choice of our technicians on this occasion.

Yaris Front Splitter

Which Brand of Air Filter Is Best For The Yaris GR?

Over the years we have worked alongside numerous brands that supply us with air filters to fit a range of make and models. The brand that we recommend over all of them has to be ITG Filters. Due to the quality and popularity of the brand, we have become pretty close with ITG in our years tuning various vehicles, making them the obvious recommendation for this modification.

You will find this ITG Air Filter included in our Yaris GR VUDU Performance Breathing Package.

Yaris GR Air Filter

Which Intercooler Should I Buy For The Yaris GR?

AIRTEC Motorsport is always in the mindset of tuners when it comes to selecting a performance intercooler. This fact does not change when our technicians were choosing their top 5 list as they have chosen the AIRTEC Front Mount Intercooler in the list for the Yaris GR.

With its increased power output, air capacity, and sheer frontal size, it's easy to see why this choice has been made. If you're planning on taking the car to a stage 2 performance level, then this is the intercooler choice for you.

Yaris GR Intercooler

Which Induction Kit Makes A Difference For The Yaris GR?

They were mentioned previously and we are sticking with them for our Yaris GR induction kit choice. Once again due to the popularity and quality of the brand, ITG Filters are the obvious choice when it comes to selecting your induction kit.

This ITG Induction Kit is the perfect mod for a stage 1 build and is perfectly suitable all the way up to a stage 3 performance level.

Yaris GR Induction Kit

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