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VUDU Performance products are already a huge domestic name in the ford tuning market making some of the best upgrades for Ford Fiesta ST and Ford Focus MK3 with everything from ECU remaps to intercoolers and induction kits
VUDU Performance is steeped in history and will not compromise on the quality of the car mods they produce for leading car brands such as Ford Performance VW/Audi and BMW.
They have some of the finest tuning products for popular models such as the almighty VW Golf R MK7 and Audi S3/ RS3 8V models ranging from induction kits and performance exhaust options that make for an amazing experience

Our Ford Performance range of remaps and tuning products has become the go to ford tuning range for all fast ford lovers.
If you want to modify your Ford, BMW or VW look no further than our VUDU product range for outstanding quality and performance
Although its hard to pick which are the best modification products to come out from the range here are a few staff picks.

VW Golf R Stage 1 Remap :-

The Golf R has been a part of the staple diet for many car enthusiasts its the brother or sister to the Audi S3 both running on the MQB chassis along with many other of the Audi and VW range. our Stage 1 Remap for this platform has been used across the globe with devastating effects turning up the performance of your ecu remap to a masiive 370-385hp hardware depending and optional TCU software to compliment this outstanding ecu tuning software.

If you are looking for a little more and have the budget the Golf R stage 2 is a package that will see your power increase all the way up to 410-420bhp with a massive torque increase.

See the Full Golf R tuning collection for a host of amazing products.

Ford Fiesta ST MK7 Stage 3 :-

The VT330R hybrid turbo found in this fiesta st stage 3 package is our flagship fiesta turbo capable of making a huge 330-350bhp on the 1.6t ecoboost engine. The stage 3 kit has been developed over a number of years to maximise the stock fuel system without the need to consider engine forging.

The stage 3 kit uses our stage 2+ intercooler which has been proven to make stage 3 figures when fitted with the correct induction kit.

Focus ST MK3 Tuning Packages :-

The Focus ST MK3 with its 2.0l ecoboost engine is a fantastic fast family car and without doubt with its FWD drivetrain offers massive fun factor over its competitors like the golf r.

Our collection of focus st mk3 tuning packages mean you can now take your family hot hatch to the next level.

Our Stage 2 remap packages can take the Focus ST from a already impressive 250bhp to a massive 300-310bhp with a fantastic gain in torque figures too.

View the VUDU Garage compilation below:

With fitting and dyno testing available, contact our trained technicians in Normanton to learn more about our very own VUDU brand.

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