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Milltek Exhaust Systems From VUDU Performance

Milltek Sport exhausts systems are approaching four decades of continuous performance exhaust development with a range of high-quality exhaust systems available to purchase from VUDU Performance.

Milltek Sport exhausts history

Originally founded in 1983 by a car enthusiast looking to further develop car exhausts for the performance market Milltek was born. over a 25 year period the engineers at Milltek have developed performance exhausts for multiple race winning race cars thousands of road cars and have even started Milltek inovation looking into the future of electric vehicles also known as EV.

They have made everything from classic car stainless steel exhaust systems to large bore downpipes and more lately gpf opf removal options it doesn't get much more high performance in manufacturing.

Developed and hand-finished in the United Kingdom, every Milltek Sport performance exhaust system is hand-finished by expert craftsmen in aerospace grade type 304, stainless steel. Designed and developed throughout the entire construction, the exceptional material is less susceptible to losing its colour and lasts almost for the lifetime.

Every aspect of Milltek performance exhausts design, from tailpipe styling to their ease of fitment is carefully optimized to deliver a quality, durable, and responsibly engineered range of products to suit all.

The success of Milltek Systems has attracted some key marques with Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, and Nissan to name a few. Now at the forefront of tuning companies, Milltek Sport currently exports to more than 80 countries around the globe.

Select from a range of Milltek exhaust tips with Polished, Cerakote Black, and Titanium to choose from. All of which provide the perfect finishing touch to any vehicle, enhancing that rear-view design.

Titanium exhaust tips

Titanium gives a subtle sports look including being ultra-lightweight they offer the most Japanese style of exhaust tips.

Polished exhaust tips

A high shine roll marked exhaust tip typically seen on every exhaust system this is a slash cut exhaust tip and is our most common version on the milltek race non res exhaust commonly used on the fiesta st mk7.

Cerakote black tips

Cerakote is a ceramic based technology offering greater resistance to scratches or impact. The finish also lasts longer even under constant heat cycling.

An exhaust system is one of the first upgrades tuners recommend when it comes to remapping the car due to the enhancements to the looks, performance, and sound of the vehicle.

A remap provides an excellent opportunity to take your vehicle to a level you didn't know was possible, offering vast improvements to both the wheel horsepower and torque figures. Here at VUDU Performance, we specialize in Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi remaps.

Should you want to learn more about how a remap can change your driving experience or want to know if it's possible on your model, please take a look at our handy Remapping Stages explained blog or by contacting one of our tuning experts.

Milltek Sport Exhaust System Options

Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust System

Designed to replace the factory exhaust system. The cat-back system is installed behind the factory catalytic converter. Replacing the rear silencer and back box while increasing airflow, performance, sound, and visual appearance.

Resonated Exhaust

A resonated exhaust system that contains a resonator chamber that contains a specific volume of air designed to cancel out certain frequencies made by the engine making the exhaust note quieter.

Non Resonated Exhaust

A non resonated exhaust system will give extra performance and a louder exhaust note.

Milltek Downpipe

When it comes to the downpipe, tuning enthusiasts have two options, they can opt for a decat downpipe or a high flow sports cat. The Milltek sports cat option filters out emissions from the car's engine and will pass an MOT inspection whereas a decat is for motorsport use only and will not pass an MOT.

VUDU Performance has a range of exhaust systems available with Cobra Sport exhausts , Remus Exhaust systems, and Scorpion exhaust options available alongside the Milltek Sport range. Read More about performance exhausts here on our user friends what performance exhaust should I buy blog here.

Popular Milltek Sport Exhausts:

Golf R MK7 Milltek Exhaust:- HERE

Ford Fiesta ST180 Milltek Exhaust:- HERE

VUDU Performance only stock the finest products with years of tried and tested experience. Contact our trained technicians in Normanton, for further details with fitting and dyno testing available.

We also have a vast range of alternative exhausts to our range of milltek sport. Having spent years developing relationships with our ongoing suppliers we can offer some of the most competitive pricing and performance on exhaust systems from the below.

Cobra exhaust have been awarded the made in Sheffield mark for advancements in engineering in Sheffield Yorkshire. They offer a iso9001 level of manufacturing as well. Cobra Sport exhausts are known for been a louder exhaust system and we would recommend them to someone looking to get noticed.

Remus exhaust systems are an Austrian based company with oem level manufacturing facility everything about a remus exhaust is premium from the carbon exhaust tips to the in house manufactured exhaust valves. we recommend a remus exhaust system to anyone looking for a premium aftermarket exhaust.

See our range of remaps for all VW/Audi BMW and Ford models here

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