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VUDU Performance are proud to bring to you the latest in Remap Software tuning for the popular range of Ford ecoboost engines found in the Ford Fiesta MK7 through to the Focus ST MK3 and its 2.0l ecoboost option.. Our collection of Ford Tuning products, and especially remaps, are unrivaled in their quality and performance.

Over the past few months our dedicated team of expert developers have been fine-tuning the VUDU software for it be the most reliable and solid tuning software on the market. Our most recent addition sees the VUDU Performance remap software growing into the Fiesta ST180 MK7 market.

Our latest software developments go from a stage 1 remap all the way through to a full stage 3 hybrid turbo build using our VT330R turbo to produce figures above and beyond the 330bhp quoted figures.

Our Fiesta st mk8 remaps have been developed with the user in mind offering fantastic drive-ability and unrivaled reliability. if you are looking for a ecu tune for your fiesta ST MK8 then look no further than VUDU Performance.

Fiesta ST180 MK7 Remap :-

We have Stage 1,2 and stage 3 software already developed for the Fiesta ST MK7 with optional power ranges from VP220 through to an almighty hybrid turbo kit producing in excess of 330bhp from the ford fiesta's 1.6 ecoboost engine.

Fiesta ST MK8 Tuning :-

Our Fiesta ST MK8 tuning products have taken the market by strom with beautifully engineering intake kits through to fiesta intercoolers that will keep your ecu software consistent.

We have developed a stage 1 remap for the fiesta st mk8 and a hugely sucessful stage 2 + utilising our VUDU Performance gpf delete, stage 3 intercooler and VUDU induction kit.

Focus ST/ RS MK3 Remapping :-

The Focus ST and Focus MK3 RS are both a formidable platform using the 2.0l and 2.3l ecoboost engines also found in the Ford Mustang. We have been remapping the Focus ST MK3 for a number of years from stage 1 and 2 to our VUDU Performance stage 3 hybrid turbo option. We also have a massive selection of tuning products for the Focus ST platform.


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