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Brake Lines From All Braided Brake Lines Manufacturers.

Braided Brake lines for all top makes.

With every performance VW BMW or Ford it should be an immediate consideration to improve your braking performance with the likes of hel brake lines or goodridge brake lines or even better our VUDU Performance braided brake lines.

The issue with stock brake lines is they are quite often made from rubber lines without the use of steel braid to further strengthen the line and fittings itself. This mean that with application of the brake pedal the rubber hoses can often become inflated and then reduce back to normal size when the pedal pressure is released.

This action means that the pedal can often feel a little spongy in comparison to a firm brake pedal which inspires confidence when driving your performance car.

By using something like hel braided brake lines you can greatly improve the feel when braking hard from high speed especially on a race track or during fast road driving. Brake hoses should be one of the additions you make when starting your build.

The main goodridge products cover most makes and models of car and goodridge provides solutions for bespoke models also but hel performance brake lines are also a good option.

If you want one of the ultimate brake line kits which include front and rear stainless steel braided options with a high temperature covering then VUDU Performance is the one to go for.

This product collection should give you everything you need to know to enhance the braking performance of your high performance car.

If you are looking to upgrade the brakes or do a full front and rear brake kit then take a look at the link below to see more of what we have to offer.

Brake Kits Here

If braking power inst the only thing you are wanting to do with your performance VW or Ford we have a selection of remaps that can be found on the link below to our remapping collection.

Remaps Here

VUDU Performance have lately released a range of performance braided brake lines for the Toyota yaris GR and Golf R MK8 you can see the Yaris GR collection here and the Golf R MK8 collection here.

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