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The Golf MK8 R is quickly becoming a serious car for tuning with all the main manufacturers making performance parts such as Milltek sport, Racingline performance with the re design of the R600 intake kit and many more.

This MK8 Golf r collection is continuously updated with all the latest performance parts as they are launched to market here are some of our favorite staff picks for the VW golf MK8.

Golf R Remap :-

Our golf r stage 1 remap has been under development since we received our MK8 r with its latest revision of the ea888 engine with a slightly different turbo we are expecting slightly better results from the new MK8 and when we eventually get the chance to start development of our golf r stage 2 we are expecting a comfortable 420-430hp.

With switchable driving modes and fancy torque vectoring differential and haldex system the car should comfortably handle 550hp and hit the top speed limiter no problem.

if you have opted for the performance pack you will have the optional Nurburgring mode and drift mode enabled.

Read more about remap stages in our handy remapping stages explained guide.

Milltek Exhaust Golf R :-

Milltek Sport exhausts have been producing some of the best performance exhausts for the VW golf since some of the earliest models around the 1990's we actually ran a milltek on our stage 2 golf mk7 r back in 2018 and loved it.

Milltek performance where straight to market with the latest golf r mk8 exhaust offerings in both non resonated and resonated options.

Opt for the non resonated valved exhaust for the new golf r which brings some nice tone to the otherwise reasonably quiet Volkswagen Golf due to its GPF based exhaust system.

if you are looking for a more aggressive sounding stainless steel exhaust we would look at something like a scorpion exhaust or cobra sport exhaust.

Forge Motorsport Recirculating Dump Valve :-

Forge Motorsport have been manufacturing some of the finest performance parts for the Volkswagen golf and Audi S3 for over twenty years. The dump valve and recirculating bov they do for the golf r sounds amazing they offer it in both an atmospheric dump valve and a recirculating valve to cater for everyone taste.

These dump valves sound great but also hold boost better and help with power and torque so its a great cost effecting modification for the golf mk8 gti and r models.

Forge Recirc valve

Forge Dump Valve

Airtec Intercooler Golf R :-

We love the Airtec intercoolers for the Golf R its a very well made performance intercooler and has fantastic cooling properties to suit. Having used the airtec golf r intercooler on our previous stage 2 demo car with great success this will be our choice for our new mk8 golf.

Airtec motorsport have been creating cooling products like intercoolers and intake kits for a all things modified since the early 2000's and have had sponsored british touring cars built Time attack cars and much more.

Golf R intercooler

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