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VW Golf R MK8 Remap - VUDU Performance

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VW Golf R MK8 Remap - VUDU Performance

Golf R Mk8

The eagerly anticipated VUDU Performance range of ECU remaps for the MK8 Golf R are in beta testing. Since its release people have been eagerly waiting for a MK8 Golf R remap to be available and we are pleased to announce we are now taking bookings!

Our Remap software for this platform has been carefully engineered to work within the Simos 19 engine control unit's capabilities. This means we've been able to achieve fantastic performance figures over up to 410bhp without the use of any additional performance hardware. Our experience of working with the VW range of ECU systems means we are able to maintain a high level of component protection and safety systems ensuring that your Golf MK8 remap gives you performance and reliability. Currently, we are offering UK remaps only at VUDU Performance dealers.

Golf R MK8 Stage 1 Remap

Golf R Mk8 Remap

The VUDU performance Golf R MK8 stage 1 remap has been created bespoke to work in perfect harmony with the factory VW components. This means you can run with no additional hardware and have the option of both 95ron & 98ron fuel, although we advise only to use 98ron fuel grade or higher.

Our stage 1 remap will have a positive effect on midrange fuel economy when the user settles back into a usual driving pattern we use the fuel trims to ensure we have a perfect lambda during unloaded driving which is why the user often sees a fuel economy benefit.

This stage one remap has breathtaking performance capped at just over 400bhp & 390Ib to keep charge temperatures and boost pressure under control while using stock VW components. Our ECU calibrations work in harmony with the existing Simos 19 ECU component protection strategies meaning that you can enjoy your MK8 Golf to the maximum without the worry of potential engine issues.

Mk8 Golf R Stage 1 Dyno Graph

Dyno graph above shows Wheel Horse Power figures.

To get the maximum out of your VUDU Stage 1 Golf R Mk8, we recommend fitting a Racingline R600 Intake Kit and a Forge Motorsport Inlet Hose. You can add these to your order by selecting "Add Supporting Hardware" from the drop down menu!

Golf R MK8 Stage 2 Remap

Golf R Stage 2 Package

Most people would expect to be satisfied with over 400bhp from a stage 1 remap but then are they true tuning enthusiasts? Personally, we couldn't wait to work with our trusted partners to install some additional performance hardware upgrades and make a start on our stage 2 remap software.

To run with our stage 2 remap on the Golf MK8 R you will require the following additional hardware:

  • VUDU Performance Stage 2 Remap ECU & TCU
  • GPF Back Exhaust System
  • Downpipe (Decat or Sports Cat)
  • Intake Kit
  • Stage 2 Intercooler

By selecting the "Add Supporting Hardware" option on a Stage 2 purchase, the following hardware will be added to your order:

Golf R Mk8 Exhaust

With the correct hardware matched to our VUDU Performance Golf MK8 stage 2 remap you can expect to see a staggering 430bhp and 410Ib.

Using the correct hardware has allowed us to build a remap that will hit these figures consistently and safely. The continental turbo found on the Golf MK8 R as well as some other new VW models are slightly bigger than the IS38 turbo found in previous generation models. This means we can move a larger volume of air at similar boost pressure without creating too much heat thus giving superb consistency.

Having carefully tested our stage 2 remap with a range of tuning products to find the best blend for performance we are confident we can offer a complete solution for the stock frame continental turbo on the MK8 Golf R.

This stage 2 can be supplied and fitted as a full kit in house our facility is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. All of our Golf R tuning is carried out on our in house 2000whp hub dyno.

DSG Remap

TCU Remap Golf R Mk8

The Golf MK8 carries the DQ381 DSG gearbox found in the facelift Golf R MK7.5 most of the strategies in the TCU are the same which means tuning the gearbox to work in harmony with the ECU tune has been relatively straightforward. We have adjusted many settings to improve the driver experience and increase loading for the extra torque demand from the ECU tune.

DQ381 DSG Remap Features:

  • Improved Shift Points
  • Increased Clamping Force
  • Faster Shifting
  • Kick Down Disabled In Manual

A TCU remap is advised on all levels of tuning however the DQ381 gearbox does not have torque limits that will hinder a stage 1 ECU tune so it is possible to run without at stage 1 levels. With a stage 2 remap the TCU file is a necessity and should be installed at the point of tuning.

Golf R MK8 Stage 3 Remap

We are still currently working on the turbo options for stage 3 on the new Golf R although with the current figures from stage 1 and stage 2 it is looking ever promising that we can produce numbers similar or higher than the MK7 Golf using a stage 3 turbo.

We are hopeful that there is a possibility the Garrett Powermax turbo we use for the current Golf stage 3 will work on the Golf MK8 R but are yet to test the product fits.

VUDU Performance Software Features:

Golf R Mk8 Software Features

If you're looking to get the most from your Golf MK8 check out our collection of VW Golf R MK8 tuning products.

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Please contact a member of the team at VUDU Performance for any additional information you require regarding the VUDU Performance Remap Software for the VW Golf R Mk8. A member of our team will be happy to discuss the ins and outs of the remap software in further details with you and answer any of your questions.

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Golf R Mk8

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