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Maxton Design Splitters And Side Skirts

Maxton Design UK has developed over 2000 products with the aim of improving the general design of any vehicle in the tuning world. With an overwhelming love for cars, Maxton Design has now established itself as the leading styling manufacturer in the UK automotive industry.

If you are interested in styling your car with splitter kits then look no further. This innovative brand uses some of the best manufacturing techniques to ensure a splitter kit that not only looks amazing but also has durability for use on your project car.

Since 2012 when operations began in the UK, Maxton Design has prided themselves on providing their customers with car styling parts using the most innovative designs on the market. From Maxton Design Front Splitters to Maxton Design Side Skirts and spoiler caps, the styling brand has everything you require for all your car styling needs.

Check out our range of amazing lowering springs to compliment your new splitters when you experience them on our website. If you want the ultimate brand of spacers to finish your new look check out our Forge motorsport products and Eibach spacers.

Maxton has been one of the car body parts brands to have established in the UK. Along with a range of body kits, they have been unrivaled by any company with substance since they began the journey in the tuning market.

Here at VUDU Performance, we have been testing car splitters for years. Some are made in conventional fiberglass, others made like the Maxton ones which are resin plastic injected into a mold at high pressure then branded. This material was created specifically for use in the automotive industry. We found that the Maxton kits are extremely cost-effective and lightweight, not to mention the gorgeous gloss black finish that has become an extremely popular choice for tuning enthusiasts.

Maxton splitters provide the perfect finishing touch to any tuned vehicle. VUDU Performance specializes in Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi remaps. A remap provides an excellent opportunity to take your vehicle to a level you didn't know was possible, offering vast improvements to both the wheel horsepower and torque figures. Should you want to learn more about how a remap can change your driving experience or want to know if it's possible on your model, please take a look at our handy Remapping Stages explained blog or by contacting one of our tuning experts.

In the event of a return. All items must be sent back to us in their original condition with the protective film and holographic verification sticker attached, failing to do so means the return will not be accepted.

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VUDU Performance only stocks the finest styling products on the market with years of tried and tested experience. Each of the splitters and side skirt diffusers comes with a fitting manual and fitting kit. Contact our team of tuning experts in Normanton for further details on the Maxton Design styling products we can offer with fitting also available.

If you would like a full car splitter kit installing at our state-of-the-art tuning workshop in Yorkshire speak to one of our qualified teams about your project car build.

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