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Cobra Exhaust Systems

If you're looking for that superior build quality and deep-sounding exhaust tone, then a Cobra Sport exhaust is certainly the system you are looking for!

Cobra Sport is a UK-based business, working from its state-of-the-art facilities in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Globally establishing itself with its range of stainless steel performance-enhancing exhaust systems, it's easy to see why a Cobra Sport exhaust is highly thought of in the aftermarket tuning world. With an exhaust market that has spanned nearly half a century, Cobra has a proven record of commitment to continue investing and improving on its exhaust technology.

Here at VUDU Performance, we are delighted to be an official Cobra Exhaust UK partner, offering almost 500 exhaust systems for a wide variety of makes and models. From the Ford Fiesta ST180 to the Vauxhall Astra VXR.

The wide range of Cobra sport exhaust systems available for purchase through ourselves at VUDU Performance demonstrates the high standards of manufacturing that Cobra set themselves. The in-house expertise ensures that all Cobra exhausts are engineered with the highest tolerance for that perfect first-time fit, strong performance, and truly pitch-perfect exhaust tone. Their continued success has even resulted in the company being awarded the “Made In Sheffield” mark of origin, a symbol of excellence in manufacturing that is recognised around the world.

Manufactured in Cobra Sport's finest 3" stainless steel pipework, the sports exhaust range enhances the sound with a sportier exhaust note, as well as provides an impressive new rear view design and some key performance gains!

Popular Cobra Sport Exhausts

Astra VXR Cobra Exhaust

As described by Cobra Sport's Sales Manager, Matt Thomas, the exhaust tone that Cobra has created for the Astra H VXR is pitch perfect offering a much deeper and aggressive tone than standard. This makes this particular exhaust system a very popular choice in the Astra VXR tuning world with free-flowing systems that allow for impressive performance gains! Both the cat back and full turbo back systems have recorded impressive improvements to the looks, sound, and performance of the vehicle!

Fiesta ST Mk8 Cobra Exhaust

We run the Cobra GPF Back Performance Exhaust System on our own Ford Fiesta Mk8 ST development vehicle and it's safe to say if you are after that premium deeper sounding exhaust tone, you will certainly not be disappointed! If any Fiesta ST Mk8 owners are undecided on which exhaust system to go for, we invite you to speak to one of our team about our experience with this system!

VW Golf R Cobra Exhaust

Our Cobra Sport Volkswagen range is forever growing! Originally designing performance exhaust systems for the Mk4 Golf model, Cobra Sport has developed exhausts all the way through the popular VW Golf R Mk7 through to the new Mk8 Golf R!

Again, we run the Cobra Sport performance exhaust on our own Golf R Mk8 demonstration vehicle, and once again it's certainly not an exhaust system that disappoints! The premium performance gains, rear view design, and exhaust tone vastly improve our driving experience to give it that edge over other Golf R's on the road. Feel free to contact one of our sales team for more of our views on this system!

But it's not just these three systems that stand out! Every Cobra Sport system boasts precise power, outstanding design, and inspirational exhaust tones to take your vehicle to a whole new level of driving experience. With a choice of Cobra exhaust tips to give you that perfect finishing touch.

The Cat Back exhaust systems from Cobra Sport have become increasingly popular with tuning enthusiasts in recent years, with both resonated and non-resonated systems available. One of the most asked questions regarding exhaust systems is what the difference between resonated and non-resonated exhaust products is. If you need help deciding which type of exhaust is the one for you, we invite you to read our handy blog post on our Driver's Information Hub!

Cobra Exhaust Fitting

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the Cobra Sport exhaust purchased is fitted correctly, we, therefore, recommend that any exhaust system if fitted by a professional in the aftermarket tuning industry.

Our team of highly trained technicians has a vast amount of experience with fitting exhaust systems, especially with the Cobra Sport brand. Contact our trained technicians for further details on a quote for the fitting and to get booked into our workshop facility in West Yorkshire at your earliest convenience. We also have our very own hub-dyno should you wish to test the new maximum output of your vehicle with the exhaust system fitted. Again, please contact our sales team for more information on this!

Cobra Sports Ordering Information

When purchasing a Cobra exhaust, please bear in mind that on most occasions the exhaust is made to order, and therefore it can take 7-10 working days to arrive from the day of your order. We kindly ask for your patience during this time and inform you that your exhaust will be with you as soon as possible.

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For further details on the upgrade opportunities available from a Cobra Sport exhaust, please contact a member of our team through our Contact Us page.

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