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We know the Ford Fiesta mk7 like the back of our hand, So when it comes to getting the maximum out of your Ford Fiesta ST we know how. Having worked alongside VUDU Performance in developing the ford tuning packages one of our main concentration was for the Fiesta ST we know the 1.6 EcoBoost inside out. The 1.6ltr EcoBoost engine has proven to be a strong unit able to withstand up to 350bhp for a stage 3 hybrid turbo making your mk7 fiesta an absolute fire breathing monster.

Improving drive-ability whilst retaining an OEM feel

Looking for Fiesta ST180 MK7 tuning? We’ve lost count of the number of Fiesta ST's we have worked on, giving us a vast range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. From Ford servicing, dyno runs, Hybrid turbo upgrades, Motorsport prep or planning to get your ford fiesta modified, we are here to help you achieve your vision.

We have tuned hundreds of mk7 Fiesta st's over the years from a stage 1 remap producing 220bhp through to stage 3 hybrid turbo build producing 350bhp and everything in between. Working alongside manufacturers we are able to test and offer the best fiesta st mods on the market. When working day in and day out on the MK7 Fiesta ST, we have tested all available induction kits, intercoolers and remaps.

With our in-house hub dyno we can perform back to back testing of products allowing us to offer knowledge, advice and stock only the best parts. Meaning if you buy from us you buy the best possible product with the best fiesta st mk7 performance increase.

We can also offer performance brake upgrade options from up-rated performance brake discs and pads all the way through to big brake kits from EBC Brakes.

With our own championship winning modified fiesta st race cars using every product that is available straight off our shelf for your build we have made sure that all our products are tested and pushed to the limit. we competed in the 2019 UK timeattack championship and absolutely destroyed the competition winning all but one round.

If this wasn't enough we went one step further and took our stage 3 fiesta st mk7 to the Nurburgring and completed over 20 laps with an average bridge to gantry of 8 minutes. this was all done in the hottest ambient temperatures the Nurburgring has seen for many many years.

If you are looking to take your fast ford to the next level look no further for getting you ford fiesta modified.

The heritage and experience to realise your vision

All our Ford Fiesta ST products have been tried and tested on our VUDU Performance demo vehicle. We can also offer fitting and dyno testing in our workshop using our trained technicians who know what products work best for the Ford Fiesta ST market.

Staff Top Picks:-

VUDU Performance Remap:-

The VUDU performance remap for the mk7 fiesta is incredible we have stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 ecu software available and all the supporting hardware to ensure your fast ford is performing superb. the stage 1 remap package is one of our favorite picks giving a performance increase up to 235bhp and 260-270Ib


Milltek Sport Fiesta Exhaust System:-

Milltek Exhausts have long lead the way for the fiesta tuning market in particularly with the Milltek race non resonated exhaust. with a delightful exhaust note and lifetime stainless exhaust warranty we believe this is the best aftermarket exhaust money can buy.

ITG Induction Kit:-

ITG Airfilters fiesta st induction kit has long been the most popular kit on the market we have sold thousands and every customer is bissoted with the increased induction sound and uplift in cold ramair into the spicy ecoboost engine.

VUDU Performance Rear Engine Mount:-

Rubber engine mounts found on the mk7 fiesta are terrible for engine movement and wheel hop. The VUDU performance engine mount is uprated with a polybush material style polyurethane bushing. making this the most effective and well engineered fiesta engine mount available.

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