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Ford Fiesta ST MK7 Pops And Bangs Remap - VUDU Performance

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Fiesta ST MK7 Pop And Bang Map From VUDU Performance.


Transform your Ford Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 into a natural fire breather with the VUDU Pops and Bangs remap software from VUDU Performance.

What is a pop and bang remap?

Pop and bang or crackle maps are incredibly popular tuning files especially the stage 2 pop bang tuning for most of us tuning lovers. Essentially when you lift off the throttle the ignition table retards the ignition and uses over run fueling to introduce the pop and bang which requires and aftermarket exhaust system and in most cases a decat system to remove the catalytic converter.

Contrary to popular believe this is not like an anti lag system, it doesn't improve turbo lag and is only completely safe when used with maturity it also offers no performance advantages it is purely for audible pleasure only.

Can i have pops and bangs on a stock cat?

We are asked this frequently or for a cat safe crackle map which we do not recommend. the stock catalytic converter has a honey comb material inside which can potentially fuse together if used with a pop and bang remap and cause massive back pressure. We highly discourage the use of crackle maps without the use of a Motorsport decat.

VUDU Performance are proud to present the on demand overrun add on designed specifically for the VUDU Performance VP225 and VP245 tuning packages.

This Decel Software is specifically available for the Ford Fiesta ST MK7 and gives an audible pop/bang depending on the exhaust system. This is only to be used in conjunction with a Decat Exhaust System.

you will require our VUDU Performance stage 2 kit with decat to run this optional pop and bang map.

Please note this software is designed for motorsport use only. You will not pass a UK emissions test or police road side check with this software installed on the vehicle.

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