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BMW M140i Modifications And Accessories

The BMW M140i produces some impressive performance figures from stock, but here at VUDU Performance, through simple performance modifications, we can make your M140i driving experience a whole lot better!

The BMW M140i is the most powerful version of the BMW 1-Series family and is the only rear-wheel-drive car in its class. Featuring a 3.0ltr twin-scroll turbo-powered B58 engine and coupled with amazing BMW M performance quality, the M140i produces fantastic performance figures from the factory, making it a truly groundbreaking car with a high-performance level. This gives tuners like us a fantastic platform to build on and we do certainly not disappoint with our range of BMW M140i mods and remapping software.

With new cars becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of in this post-pandemic era, we are seeing a high influx of these models in our workshop in recent months, this has allowed our workshop technicians to know these models like the back of their hands. This gives you the peace of mind that your pride will be well looked after and in the hands of someone capable to fit any piece of performance hardware.

We are extremely capable of improving the sound, looks, and quality of your BMW M140i with a range of performance-enhancing products and tuning packages from our big-name Motorsport partners. If you are looking for a remap or a tuning package we have something to suit everyone.

BMW M140i Remap Software

Our success in the Ford industry is well known across the globe, in particular with the Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST, so when the chance came for us to diverse into the BMW tuning world, we took that opportunity with open arms.

Both the BMW M135i and M140i were at the forefront of our minds when we decided to bring our very own VUDU Performance remap software to the tuning world. Our software calibrators have worked alongside some of the world's finest to bring us BMW remap software that we are proud to introduce to our VUDU Performance collection.

You can expect power gains of around 20% from the VUDU Performance Stage 1 Software Flash alone!

You can see VUDU remap figures for the BMW M140i below:

  • Stock BMW Figures: 340bhp & 389 lbs/ft
  • Stage 1 Remap VUDU Performance Figures: 420-30bhp & 420lbs/ft
  • Stage 2 Remap VUDU Performance Figures: 440-450bhp & 463 lbs/ft

The M140i Stage 1 Remap is designed to run on a completely stock car, no additional hardware is required to run this software upgrade. This option is perfect for BMW owners looking to take their first steps in the tuning world without having to spend hundreds of pounds on performance hardware. For optimum results, however, we recommend fitting an upgraded panel filter, with the ITG Pro Filter as the system we recommend.

The BMW M140i Stage 2 Remap does require some additional hardware to run the car, not only to its maximum potential but also to run it safely. It is crucial to have your BMW M140i modified with the correct hardware and a sports cat / decat downpipe exhaust is required to run our Stage 2 Tuning Package in particular. This then raises questions of which brand to decide between, we have personally found the Cobra Sport exhaust option to be the favored choice!

You have the option to book into our workshop and have the software flashed on our very own wheel hub dyno, we will take a read of the car as standard and another with the software flashed on, this gives you an accurate reading of the performance figures the remap has managed to obtain. The other option is to purchase a VUDU Performance Tuning Tool, this gives you a plug-and-play device that allows you to flash the car from the comfort of your own home!

Frequently Asked Question Regarding The VUDU Performance Remap Software:

A common concern for people remapping their car is what will the negative effect be on the fuel economy. This is a difficult question to answer as, like any stock or remapped vehicle, it heavily depends on how the car is driven.

You should expect to see a dip in fuel economy as you enjoy your increase in power from the remap process until you settle back into your natural driving pattern, at which point you should see improved fuel economy on your BMW M140i mpg due to a much-improved fueling table within the software.

Please note all our ECU remap software has been designed to run on 99 octane fuel.

BMW M140i Performance Mods

From styling products of that such as a BMW M140i diffuser from Maxton Design to a stainless steel exhaust system from our range of performance exhaust manufacturers. The complete range of performance hardware for the BMW M140i is an impressive collection, with everything you need to totally transform the looks, sound, and performance of the vehicle.

Increasing performance has never been so easy, most of the BMW parts you see on our webshop are carried in stock to get your tuning products to your door as quickly as possible ensuring you have quality BMW parts in double-quick timing.

If your intention for your performance BMW M140i is to increase the exhaust tone then look no further than a Milltek exhaust system or Scorpion exhaust which will not only drastically improve the exhaust note but also increase flow and power whilst reducing the overall weight of the BMW system.

If you are more about upgrading the performance then a simple breathing modification to your BMW air filter will help with better airflow and allow the engine to breathe better. Check out our air filter range from MMR Performance and Pipercross Air Filters.

Or if you want to go down the route of styling the car with an aggressive sporty design, a full range of Maxton Design splitters are available with an optimal mix of unique lines and an aggressive look providing the design of your BMW M140i with a unique feel to stand out from the rest on the roads across the world.

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For further details on the upgrade opportunities available for your BMW M140i, including the popular shadow edition, then please contact our trained technicians in Normanton with fitting and dyno testing available should you so require.

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