Tarox Road & Race Brake Fluid

TAROX Road & Race Brake Fluid

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Tarox road & Race brake fluid

Designed to withstand everyday road conditions and use that can also withstand track use when the required.
Replacing the brake fluid is a must when looking at driving swiftly, The increased temperatures, when used on the track, means the stock fluid runs the risk of a spongy pedal due to the brake fluid boiling and breaking down.
We recommend replacing the brake lines for braided items along with uprated fluid, This relatively cheap upgrade will offer a firm brake pedal and increased performance.

Tarox Brake Fluid Specifications

  • High-performance DOT4 fluid
  • Ideal for road and track use
  • High boiling point in excess of 300°c
  • Suitable for most brake systems
  • 500ml Bottle


  • Universal

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