Powerflex Exhaust Mount for the Ford Fiesta ST

Powerflex Exhaust Mount - Ford Fiesta ST

£12.54 inc. VAT £10.45 excl. VAT

**Quantity per car 4 / price is per bush.**

Fed up of the stock Fiesta ST exhaust mount banging or breaking? Powerflex may just have a solution for you in the form of the Powerflex Exhaust Mount.

Powerflex Exhaust Mounts are a worthy upgrade for any aftermarket exhaust system. The high temperature polyurethane prevents excessive movement in the exhaust which could contribute to the cracking of your Fiesta ST's exhaust manifold.

10 to 15% stiffer than the original rubber mounts, the Powerflex Exhaust Mount holds the exhaust in place.


71mm x 50mm

Contact VUDU Performance for further details with trained technicians on hand to fit the Powerflex Exhaust Mount on your Ford Fiesta ST.

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