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Induction kits and airfilter upgrades from VUDU Performance

At VUDU Performance we understand induction kits and test what we sell in our purpose built facility.

Swapping the OEM air box for a induction kit or upgraded air filter gives your performance engine the free flowing cold air it needs to perform to its highest ability with a remap or tune. Open ended induction kits give an amazing audible dump valve noise whilst a closed box induction kit still offers the most amazing air flow increase but with less audible noise.
An aftermarket induction kit in most cases is designed to run with a stock car so you wont experience any engine warning lights and should give a light performance increase prior to a remap which will make the most of your new induction system.
The performance air filters used in most induction kits are made from a cotton or foam style which gives your air filter the best flow rates.
Air Filter upgrades for exiting induction kits can be found here
Its difficult to pick the best induction kit but we have a couple of staff picks here to try and help you make the correct decision when upgrading your air intake.

ITG Induction kit CAIS :-

ITG Air Filters have been at the front of air filter technology for many years working with some of of the best motorsport teams in the business on cooling technology from formula one to the british touring car championship. The itg intake kit for the Fiesta ST has been the go to CAIS since its release in 2013.

VUDU Performance Fiesta MK8 Intake:-

Our Range of VUDU Performance products are designed in house with quality in mind. if your looking for anything from an engine mount to a full blown stage 3 build VUDU Performance have you covered. The VUDU performance induction kit for the fiesta st mk8 is a beautiful performance part giving fantastic cooling capability and opportunity to gain power with a stage 1 remap.

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