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Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Induction Kit - VUDU Performance

£184.99 inc. VAT £154.16 excl. VAT

VUDU Performance Induction Kit for Ford Fiesta ST MK8.


The ultimate "CAIS" Fiesta ST MK8 Induction kit is here!!

If you are going to upgrade your Fiesta ST MK8 Air Intake do it properly. All too often we find cheap induction kits used on the Fiesta ST MK8, that is not only sapping power, but they are not secured correctly and therefore move around under acceleration.

In comes the VUDU Fiesta ST MK8 induction kit to take the limelight with its show-stopping features.


  • Built-in and trade market "RAM FEED" Cold Air Elbow
  • Free Flow Cotton pro air filter with *lifetime guarantee*
  • VUDU Etched billet machined securing bracket
  • Heat resistant powder coated heat reduction shield for ultimate heat dissipation
  • Retained rubber bobbins for secure fitment in place of nut and bolt

We specifically designed this fiesta induction kit with our "RAM FEED" cold air elbow to further feed the induction air filter ensuring amazingly low IAT intake air temperature and consistent power figures.

Further to this, we decided the correct thing to do was manufacture a billet machined bracket to secure the filter in the situation and laser-etched with our prestigious VUDU logo.

Our Sales Director Nick Cook decided the very best way to test this Fiesta ST induction kit was to take the car over to the Nürburgring and push it to its limits. We also were met with extreme heat which made the test even more interesting.

We are confident this Fiesta ST Induction kit not only provides amazing value for money but outstanding performance and aesthetic looks for your MK8 ST couple this with the amazing audible noise from this air intake and it's a clear No1 choice.

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