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Ford Fiesta ST180 Induction Hose - VUDU Performance

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Ford Fiesta ST180 Induction Hose - VUDU Performance.


Introducing the VUDU Performance Fiesta ST Induction Hose, designed as a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM pipe. The standard Induction Hose is notorious for how restrictive it is, limiting the airflow and sapping the hard-earned power gains. The VUDU Induction Hose Fiesta ST revives that lost power, rewarding the aftermarket induction kit due to its high quality constructed hose with a smooth internal build.

The VUDU Fiesta ST Silicone Induction Hose features a smooth large internal bore of 3" to provide an enhanced high-flow of air through the system. The hose is designed to provide a consistent radius throughout, reducing any restriction. This high-flow induction hose is the perfect upgrade for those who are / have upgraded the standard air box with an aftermarket induction kit. The Fiesta MK7 ST 180 large internal bore silicone hose upgrade


  • Enhanced airflow through the intake
  • Compliments aftermarket induction kits
  • Increased performance and power gains
  • Constructed from the highest quality silicone

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