AIRTEC Stage 2 Induction Kit With The Pro Hoses Induction Hose for the Ford Fiesta ST180

AIRTEC Stage 2 Induction Kit WITH Induction Hose - Ford Fiesta ST180

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AIRTEC Stage 2 Induction Kit With The Pro Hoses Induction Hose for the Ford Fiesta ST180

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By purchasing the AIRTEC Induction Kit with the Pro Hoses Induction Hose you save yourself just short of £25!

Enhancing the sound of your Ford Fiesta ST while improving on the visual aspects of the otherwise dull coloured engine bay, the Stage 2 Induction Kit is able to run perfectly on the standard Fiesta ST180 while the silicone hose upgrade replaces the restrictive intake hose with a much larger and smoother hose to allow air to pass through at a more appropriate rate.

Gains of 5-10bhp are generally expected compared to the original airbox on the standard Ford Fiesta ST.

Please note the AIRTEC Stage 2 Induction Kit is only available with a cotton filter.

AIRTEC Motorsport Part No: ATIKFO23

Please select the hose colour you require from the drop down list with the following colours available:

Please note Pro Hoses orders are made to order. Therefore any colour variation other than Gloss Black can take up to 4 weeks to arrive with us.

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