VW Golf R MK8 Hi-Flow Sports Cat and Downpipe - Milltek Sport

VW Golf R MK8 Hi-Flow Sports Cat and Downpipe - Milltek Sport

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Milltek Sport Hi-Flow Sports Cat and Downpipe for the VW Golf R MK8.


Give your Golf R MK8 that extra edge with the Milltek Sport Hi-Flow Sports Cat and Downpipe. Replacing the OEM restrictive downpipe with the enhanced Milltek Hi-flow system will massively improve the airflow of your exhaust. This improved airflow gives the engine room to work faster as the air leaves the exhaust quicker. Not only does it improve the engine power output, but it also enhances the exhaust tone, providing a sporty, more raw-sounding exhaust, giving you the most authentic driving feel.

HJS Cat vs Race Cat.

With this Milltek performance exhaust, you have the choice of two different downpipe catalyst options. The HJS Catalyst is a better quality catalyst designed for road use in compliance with UK emissions laws. The Race Catalyst is a less restrictive catalyst designed for companies will less strict emission laws and for track use in the UK.

Connection type.

Milltek has designed this exhaust upgrade with two fitment options. One of the variants allows the downpipe to fit the OEM back system only. The other option is to fit the Milltek GPF Back Exhaust only.

This exhaust is a must have if you are looking to take your Golf MK8 to higher levels with the VUDU Remap software.

Key Features:

- Improved airflow.

-Increased engine power output.

- Enhanced exhaust tone.

- Fitment options for both OEM back and Milltek Back exhaust.

- Weight reduction.

- Options for both Road and Track use.



HJS / Milltek: SSXVW635

Race / OE: SSXVW637

Race / Milltek: SSXVW638

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If you would like us to fit the Milltek Sport GPF Back Exhaust to your VW Golf R MK8, then get in touch with a member of the team to arrange it for you. Our expert technicians will have no problem fitting it and will allow you to have peace of mind.

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