VUDU Tuning Software (S1 PRO) for the Ford Focus ST TDCI Ford Focus ST Diesel Remap Stage 1 - VUDU Performance Ford Focus ST Diesel Remap Stage 1 - VUDU Performance

Ford Focus ST Diesel Remap Stage 1 - VUDU Performance

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Ford Focus ST Diesel Remap Stage 1 Software Upgrade From VUDU Performance

We are proud to offer you the VUDU Performance S1PRO tuning software package for the Ford Focus ST TDCI. The VUDU S1PRO package has had hours and hours of time spent through development, and testing using our in house Dynapack hub dyno. For accurate, reliable and safe tuning for the Ford Focus ST Diesel, Unlike other tuning companies our ECU tuning software still allows the DPF to regenerate.

Focus Diesel Stage 1 Remap = 235bhp - 347ftlb

The Focus ST Diesel is a fantastic way to have all of the fun of a petrol Focus ST MK3 whilst retaining some of that widely desired fuel economy of a diesel car. With our Stage 1 ECU remap for the Focus ST not only will you increase power and torque gains but you will also see a steady increase in fuel economy over the standard 2.0 tdci without the use of any other performance modifications.

The Focus ST is known for being a fantastic hot hatch to drive with its torque diesel engine but to give it the true potential of a performance car it is without doubt one of the top first focus st diesel mods to have a stage 1 remap.

Will my Focus ST Diesel be faster than a petrol ST?

Faster is a good question as the Focus ST Petrol is a mighty hot hatch straight from the factory but from fords plant the petrol ST certainly has the legs on the Focus Diesel. with the stage 1 remap we are confident that you will be up there top end with the petrol engine variant and with torque figures to match the Focus RS its almost certain you would have the jump at the lights!!

Is a Remap bad for my car?

Absolutely not. if your remap software has been calibrated and tested correctly it should have no adverse effect on your car's engine. This is all down to your choice of Tuning company that you work with. VUDU Performance software is all developed with total satisfaction in mind. When we build a remap we look at every different angle from power increases to longevity testing.

We do not recommend the installation of a tuning box due to the nature of how it tricks sensors to produce power we spend thousands of hours in research and development to create our bespoke software options.

Do i need extra tuning hardware?

Our Stage 1 Remap does exactly what it says on the tin. This remap is bespoke engineered to suit a totally stock Focus ST diesel meaning there is no requirement for any hardware upgrades such as a front mount intercooler, induction kit or DPF delete. that package would be our stage 2 tuning package found below.

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