VW Golf R MK7 / MK7.5

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Volkswagen Golf R Remaps Stage 1 to Stage 3 remaps and more

The Mk7 Golf R MK7 and its face lifted golf mk7.5 model starts life as an extremely capable hot hatch running an exciting 300bhp to 310 bhp supported by a strong all-wheel-drive system sending its phenomenal peak figures through the VW golf r front and rear axle giving it that extra set of legs from a standing start.

VUDU Performance keeps an amazing selection of products for the golf r mk7 from leading tuning brands like Milltek sport, VUDU Performance Racingline performance and many many more.

As a specialist in VW remaps we can make your golf r stage 2 or stage 1 remap tuned install an aftermarket exhaust from scorpion exhausts or upgrade your brakes using ebc brakes. The list of available options for building your VW Golf into a fast road car or full-spec race car is endless.

Golf R Induction kit Racingline R600 Intake :-

We highly recommend the Racingline R600 intake. As one of the best Golf r induction kits the R600 intake has been proven from stage 1 level right through to stage 3 with a hybrid turbo and is more than capable of running over 500 bhp.

here is where you can find the R600 Intake

Golf R Exhaust :-

If you haven't already thought about a custom exhaust upgrade no is a good time some of the best golf exhausts are available in this collection from Milltek exhausts and our personal favorite the scorpion exhausts non res which will help massively with stage 2 software on the ea888 engine.

Golf R Stage 1 remap :-

Although Vw have made a fantastic job with the MK7/7.5 golf and its brilliant chassis it is without doubt that the ea888 is a very tunable engine and with a stage 1 remap it is without doubt a a force to be reckoned with.

The VUDU Performance stage 1 + remap kit is a fantastic option utilising the racingline r600 intake system and a forge Motorsport muffler delete and inlet silicon hose. this kit has been proven to out perform apr stage 1 and in some cases will our perform some stage 2 remap software depending on fuel quality.

Golf R Brakes :-

The Vw golf mk7 does come with a fairly heafty single piston brake caliper but if you want a true golf r brake upgrade you will want to look towards something like EBC brakes or for the more spirited driver a set of racingline performance big brake kit.

have a look at vw golf r mk7 brake pads to suite your brake upgrade and if your budget will allow a stainless steel brake lines are a good complimenting option.

Though already a fantastic machine, VUDU Performance are at hand to offer a wide range of remaps and tuning products to help enhance not only the aesthetically aspects of the car but also the Power output of the 2.0 tsi.

With Packages starting as low as £449 we can help to push the car through its original factory set boundaries to offer in some cases over 500hp! If that sounds like something you might be of interest to you feel free to browse throughout.

We also have a massive collection of Golf R mk8 products alread lodaed online and are adding to the collection daily.

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