Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software For The VW Golf R Mk7 And MQB Platform Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance

Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance

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Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package From VUDU Performance

Golf R Stage 2

Achieve upwards of 420bhp with the VUDU Performance Stage 2 Golf R Remap Package!

This VUDU Performance Stage 2 Remap Software is designed for the MQB platform. Making the package perfectly compatible with the Mk7 Golf R, Audi S3, and Seat Leon Cupra R.

The VUDU Performance remap software is in high demand. In particular within the VW and Audi tuning market, ever since the MQB platform was introduced to the world back in 2014. The superior power and torque figures on offer are of course the principal selling point. However, with the sheer number of hours to our research and development of this package by our in-house calibrations engineers, it goes without saying that peak performance is not the only benefit of using VUDU Performance.

Our software versions for the Golf R and Audi S3 are highly regarded in the MQB market. Having retained all of the factory safety features and implemented some new limiters to ensure outstanding reliability and untouchable performance. The confidence we have in our VW Golf R remap software is extensive.

If you own an automatic Golf R Mk7, we suggest choosing the DSG Remap option. This will let us update the TCU Software alongside the ECU. This software improves the DSG's performance, making the gearbox far smoother as you move up through the gears. The DQ250 and DQ381 found in the MQB platform have torque limiters which if not lifted will combat the ECU torque requests which will impede mid-range performance. Please note the DSG flash is not currently available on the Home Tuning Tool Device.

What Is The Map Only Option?

The map-only option is for customers who wish to come to our workshop to have the software flashed onto their vehicle, but do not wish to add a dyno run to their order. This option includes road data logging to give you peace of mind that the map has been calibrated correctly.

Stage 2 Golf R Performance Figures:

Stock Figures Stage 1 Remap Stage 2 Package
Power Figures 300 BHP 380 BHP 420 BHP
Torque Figures 280 ft/lb 360 ft/lb 400 ft/lb
Stage 2 Golf R Remap Package

Please note this Dyno graph shows Wheel Horse Power figures.

Please note all figures shown are from a Golf Mk7 R model running 99 octane fuel such as Shell V Power or Tesco Momentum. Whilst we can calibrate our software to other fuel types, we do recommend running 99 RON fuel to get the optimum performance results.

Golf R Stage 2 Package:

Golf R Stage 2 Package

Golf R Stage 2 Requirements include an aftermarket intake system, inlet hose, muffler delete, intercooler, and downpipe!

This VUDU Performance Stage 2 Tuning Package has not only been developed in-house on our very own hub dyno. It has also been heavily tested on the roads to give you that peace of mind.

To add the mods for a stage 2 build, select Add Supporting Hardware from the drop-down menu. This includes the Racingline R600 Air Intake Kit, Forge Motorsport high-flow Inlet Hose, Forge Motorsport Turbo Muffler Delete, AIRTEC Gen 2 Front Mount Intercooler, and Scorpion Sports Cat Downpipe.

The price shown includes workshop labour for those ordering via the map only and dyno-tuned options.

Should you not need to purchase all the hardware within the package, please select the individual links and order separately.

A decat exhaust system is also beneficial for stage 2. However, this is only suitable for off-road use and therefore not included in our remap package.

If your vehicle is a manual, an uprated clutch is also required, We recommend the RTS clutch option for the Manual Golf R.

A vehicle alignment is also required should you wish to go to Stage 2, please discuss this with a member of the team at VUDU Performance when you come to book in it may also be advantageous to discuss brake upgrades given the increase in power.

Golf R Stage 2 Software Features:

Golf R Stage 2 Software Features

Suitable Models:

  • VW Golf R Mk7 / Mk7.5
  • VW T-Roc R
  • Audi S3 8V
  • Audi TT Mk3
  • Audi Q2
  • Audi A3
  • Skoda Octavia VRS
  • Seat Ateca R
  • Seat Leon Cupra R Mk3

Need To Learn More?

For more information about our Golf R Stage 2 Remap Package, make sure to please contact us via phone or email. Our Golf tuning experts can help you and answer any questions you have.

If you have selected the dyno-tuned option, please get in touch to find a suitable booking date.

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