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Toyota Yaris GR GPF Back Exhaust - Cobra Sport

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Cobra Sport GPF Back Exhaust for the Toyota Yaris GR.

**Using the drop-down menu above select which centre section you would like and which tips you would like.**

The Cobra Sport GPF Back Exhaust system for the ruthless Toyota Yaris GR will transform your car. The stock exhaust system on the Yaris GRs dilutes the exhaust tone diminishing the driving experience. The smooth, enlarged pipework of the GPF Back exhaust improves the airflow providing a much louder, sportier sounding exhaust tone. The increase in airflow also means a slight increase in power output and better throttle response.

This exhaust offers improvement in terms of exhaust tone, bass, and sound level whilst keeping the stock catalyst and GPF in place. This exhaust system has been designed to be easily upgradable to a full turbo-back exhaust in the future by purchasing additional sections.

This upgraded exhaust comes either with a resonated centre section or a non-resonated centre section. As well you have the choice of 5 different tailpipe options, ranging in size from 4" to 4.5", including a choice of carbon fibre.

GPF Back with Rear Box Test Results:

Sound (Resonated) Engine at Idle: 70.6dB (+13.6dB) - Static 4,00rpm test: 85.8dB (+11.1dB)

Sound (Non Resonated) Engine at Idle: 73.8dB (+16.8dB) - Static 4,00rpm test: 92.7dB (+18dB)

Weight (Non-Resonated) - 11.0kg (-0.75kg)

Key Features:

- Increase power output.

- Louder, sportier exhaust tone.

- Reduced weight.

- Choice of tailpipes.


Res / TP19: TY17TP19

Res / TP34: TY17TP34

Res / TP38: TY17TP38

Res / TP106-CF: TY17TP106-CF

Res / TP107-CF: TY17TP107-CF

Non-Res / TP19: TY18TP19

Non-Res / TP34: TY18TP34

Non-Res / TP38: TY18TP38

Non-Res / TP106-CF: TY18TP106-CF

Non-Res / TP107-CF: TY18TP107-CF

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