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BMW Remaps From VUDU Performance.

BMW Tuning has been a staple diet for our team of calibrators building some of the best BMW remap software that can be found on the planet. We have bmw 1 series remaps through to full stage 3 software for the M3/M4.

Our team of calibrators worked tirelessly to create ecu and tcu software for the core range of BMW performance models that is not only astonishingly powerful but reliable too.

BMW M135 / M140 Remaps :-

If you have one of the M lite 1 series with its 3.0l 6 cylinder engine youll know already that they are no slouch but with our stage 1 or stage 2 remap it becomes a whole different animal. The later known as our V420R Stage 2 package will take your M135 to a level of an M3/M4 turbo ifact propelling you to a quicker 0-60 time due to weight differences.

Have a look at our BMW 1 series Tuning options

M2 Stage 1 Tuning :-

In our eyes the M2 is the ultimate sports saloon no the later m2 competition sporting the S55 engine found in the M3 which powers it to an astonishing 400+hp in standard form. It was without hesitation we built a stage 1 remap for the BMW M2 og and M2 Competition giving respective gains on each of over 80-100hp model dependent.

If your looking to tune your M2 look no further than VUDU Perofrmance remaps

BMW M3 / M4 Remaps :-

The F Series M3 and M4 are such an amazing sports car we actually bought a demo car to build up to full stage 3 with our very own AET Turbo's stage 3 hybrid turbos. First we built an amazing stage 1 and 2 remap for the stock turbochargers extracting anywhere from 500-550hp from the 3.0l S55 engine before developing a stage 3 remap for this mighty bmw package.

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