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Remaps For VW Golf R / Polo GTI / Golf GTI.

Our Range of VW remaps has been built with performance in mind. If you are fortunate enough to own a hot VW car and want to take its performance to the next level one of our stage 1 or stage 2 remaps could be the answer.

We offer a full range of remaps for everything from a Polo GTI to a full spec Golf R in this collection including some of the best TCU remaps as well as the ECU.

Here is some information on each product in this remapping collection.

Golf R Remap :-

In this collection we have stage 1,2 and 3 software available for both the golf r mk7 and golf mk8 the MK7 known as the MQB platform and also covers the GTI and Diesel models with tuning.

Our Stage 1 remap boasts an impressive 370-390hp depending on hardware additions from the likes of racingline r600 induction kits to forge motorsport muffler deletes etc.

We have also created an amazing TCU remap option for use with our stage 1 and stage 2 software which gives faster gear changes, sharper shift points and upgrades the clutch pressures to ensure no premature wear on the dsg gearbox.

Polo GTI 6C Remap :-

Our Polo GTI Stage 1 and 2 software is incredible. We have spent hundreds of hours on development of the remaps for Polo Gti to ensure we have the most powerful and reliable tuning available. Our stage 1 remap with optional racingline induction kit makes over 250hp which is a huge jump for just a software upgrade.

The DQ200 Gearbox found in the DSG variant of the Polo Gti is a particular weak point of the platform so we have designed a ultra reliable TCU upgrade to ensure safety when tuning.

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