VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance

VW Up GTI Remap Package - VUDU Performance

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VW Up GTI Remap Software From VUDU Performance

Our range of performance VW UP GTI remaps have been carefully engineered to offer exquisite driveability whilst boasting impressive power increases over stock. The Volkswagen UP GTI was pitched by the German car maker as a sporty entry into hot hatch ownership and has taken the tuning market by storm. Its high performance 1.0 3-cylinder engine bringing a fruitful 115bhp in stock form with massive capabilities from a remap or tuning package.

Up GTI Remap Software

With this in mind, its no surprise manufacturers such as Forge Motorsport and Racingline Performance have released a whole host of hardware to support the TSI model. Now coupled with our VW UP GTI remaps it's possible to take this incredible little car to over 180bhp.

VW UP Tuning Made Different.

Our VW UP remaps have been developed by a team of engineers devoted to offering not just peak power increases but driving experience under the curve. Our ties back to motorsport allow us to calibrate something that performs well on the dyno but is at its best on the road. Polishing our ECU calibrations means making finite changes to many different parameters.

Understanding engine control and performance hardware allows us to integrate many component protection features into our remaps this means you are able to get your VW UP modified with confidence.

UP GTI Stage 1 Remap:

VUDU Stage 1: 142BHP (122WHP) & 171Ib Torque

Stock Figures: 114BHP (99WHP) & 145Ib Torque

Our VUDU Performance stage 1 remap for the UP GTI is designed specifically to work with a completely stock car we fine tune the ECU to optimise stock parameters with changes to ignition timing, boost pressure and throttle control amongst many things. The stage 1 remap is how the UP GTI should have left the Volkswagen factory however with the power increased to around 140-145bhp and a huge torque jump to 170Ib it makes the UP GTI a serious contender for the Golf GTI at a fraction of the price.

We would recommend the installation of a high flow panel filter or upgraded cold air intake alongside our stage 1 UP GTI remap however this is not a necessity.

VUDU Stage 1 v Stock Dyno Graph:

UP GTI Remap Dyno Graph

Dyno graph above shows Wheel Horse Power figures.

UP GTI Stage 2 Remap:

VUDU Stage 2: 175BHP (135WHP) & 195Ib Torque

Stock 114BHP (99WHP) & 145Ib Torque

Up GTI Dyno Tuned

For those looking to further enhance the power of the UP GTI our stage 2 remap offers a multitude of features as well as another lift in overall performance. The software remap is developed in line with tuning upgrades to optimise the overall driving experience and offer power increases up to 175bhp.

Our stage 2 calibration comes with options for pops and bangs, hard cut limiter, and left foot braking. All of our VW UP tuning is developed with the owner in mind. We use our own in house dynapack hub dyno to control our environment and allow us to safely build our remap calibrations. After this we conduct our road-testing program to ensure part throttle and driveability is polished.

VW UP Stage 2 Tuning Hardware Requirements:-

Our Stage 2 ECU tuning is designed to run with a cat back exhaust system and downpipe upgrade either from Milltek Sport or Scorpion Exhausts. We also require an air filter upgrade the Forge motorsport induction kit is the perfect addition along with the turbo inlet pipe.

  • Milltek or Scorpion Exhaust Cat Back Exhaust
  • Milltek Or Scorpion Decat or Sports Cat Downpipe
  • Forge Motorsport Induction Kit & Turbo Inlet

You can order a full stage 2 tuning package for your Up GTI through us, please get in touch with one of our team about this should this be something you are interested in.

VUDU Performance Up GTI Software Features:

Up GTI Remap Software Features

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For more information regarding any of our UP GTI remap packages, make sure to please contact us by phone or email. Our dedicated team of UP GTI tuning experts will have no problem answering any of your questions and guiding you in the right direction of where you want to take your project.

If you do purchase through our website, please get in touch to find a suitable booking date.

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