Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance

Polo GTI Stage 3 Remap Package - VUDU Performance

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Polo GTI Stage 3 Kit Remap Package from VUDU Performance

When it comes to modifying your Polo GTI, this Stage 3 tuning package with the IS38 or Garrett Powermax turbocharger takes the crown as the ultimate modification!

Polo GTI Stage 3 Turbo

The VW Polo GTI 1.8 TSI from the factory carries a destroked version of the EA888 found in the VW Golf R Mk7. This is good news for Polo GTI owners as it means we can install the larger IS38 turbo directly in place of the smaller turbo unit. Combining this with the VUDU Performance Stage 3 Remap Software and specifically chosen supporting hardware, this package is capable of taking your pocket rocket to circa 400bhp on the stock engine block.

VUDU Performance ECU remap software has led the way on the VW Polo GTI platform for a number of years and with this stage 3 package, we have left no stone unturned. Like with every individual piece of software that VUDU Performance produces, the Polo GTI 6C stage 3 software has been developed and fine-tuned on our very own wheel hub Dynapack. We have spent countless hours in our research and development of this package. Not only does this allow us to produce powerful tuning packages but it also allows us to provide safe and reliable remap software, that is thoroughly tested before it is made available to the public.

With this VUDU Stage 3 Polo GTI tuning package installed, you can expect power gains of over 200bhp compared to the stock figures, this has to be one of the most incredible power and torque increases available for any super-mini.

Polo GTI Stage 3 BHP Figures:

Stock Polo GTI Stage 3 IS38 Stage 3 Powermax
Power Figures 203 BHP 400 BHP 430 BHP
Torque Figures 236 ft/lb 360 ft/lb 360 ft/lb
Polo GTI Stage 3 Dyno Graph

Dyno graph above shows Wheel Horse Power figures.

Please note it is vitally important to run 99ron fuel with the stage 3 Polo GTI remap software flashed on the vehicle. We recommend stage 3 ready fuel such as Shell V-Power or Tesco 99 when running this tuning package. This will allow you to get not only the best possible performance results but also the safest possible characteristics.

What's Included In This Remap Package?

Polo GTI Stage 3 Dyno Tuned

This product can be purchased as a stage 3 software upgrade only or as a bolt-on drive-in drive-out package. Due to the data logging that is required for this remap package, we have made it so the software is only available through a dyno tune at our headquarters in Normanton, West Yorkshire so that it can be flashed by our team of highly skilled technicians.

On automatic models, we strongly recommend that you select the Add DSG remap option from the drop-down menu. This will allow the gearbox to function more efficiently to allow you to shift through the gears smoothly.

This Polo GTI stage 3 kit is comprehensive offering only the best parts that we have developed our package with in-house. This ensures ultimate performance and reliability. By selecting the Add Supporting Hardware option from the drop-down menu, you will be adding the IS38 Turbocharger or V1 Powermax, VUDU Intercooler, RAMAIR Intake, RTS Upgraded Clutch (With Release Bearing), Scorpion Sports Cat Downpipe, to your booking.

The Supporting Hardware drop-down option also includes fitting.

Other brands of performance hardware are available and will be compatible with the VUDU Performance Stage 3 remap software. But please note you may not see the best possible performance figures with lower quality hardware installed on the vehicle.

IS38 Polo GTI Turbocharger

The heart of the Polo Stage 3 kit is the IS38 Turbocharger which can be supplied brand new as a part of the package or if you prefer to supply a good quality used unit we can also install and tune this. We would however recommend the use of a new unit that comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty for your own peace of mind. The IS38 turbo is a bespoke built unit based around a Garrett G-Series G25-660 turbocharger capable of power output in excess of 600bhp on a fully forged engine. On a stock engine, however, we recommend a limit cap of circa 500bhp.

Stage 3 Polo GTI Software Features:

Polo GTI Stage 3 Software Features

Need To Learn More?

For more information about the Polo 6C GTI Stage 3 Kit, please contact a member of our support team by phone or email. Our team of GTI 1.8TSI tuning experts can provide you with more details about the package and answer any of your questions.

If you have purchased this package through our website, please get in touch to find a suitable booking date.

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