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Volkswagen Polo GTI 6C Remaps and Tuning Hardware

Enhance the looks, performance, and general driving experience of your VW Polo 6C GTI with the range of remaps and tuning packages available from VUDU Performance.

The Polo 6c GTI is one of the latest small cars to take the tuning world by storm. Competing with the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208 GTI, Seat Ibiza, and the Vauxhall Corsa for the number one hot hatch spot in the UK. With a second-hand Polo GTI for sale at around the £10,000 mark, it's easy to see why we are seeing a high influx of younger drivers picking these up on the cheap.

The little brother to the VW Golf GTI model, another hot hatchback that has become increasingly popular with tuners across the UK, this Polo model boasts a turbocharged 4 cylinder petrol engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox. This produces a healthy 192bhp but we know there is always room for improvement, especially in the hands of the expert team of authorised and regulated technicians on hand at VUDU Performance HQ.

Polo GTI Remap Software

Following the success of our work in the Ford industry, it was natural for us to take a step out into the Volkswagen world. Bringing our range of remapping software and performance-enhancing tuning products to the VW tuning scene.

When it comes to remapping software, look no further than that of the VUDU Performance remap range. Working alongside some of the world's very best software developers, VUDU Performance provides that superior driving experience to get the utmost amount of power possible from that 1.8TSI engine.

Polo GTI owners should seriously consider a remap in order to truly unlock the vehicle's true potential and make it a genuine VW Golf R contender.

Expect power gains of up to 30% with VUDU Stage 1 figures taking the Polo to 227bhp!

If the stage 1 figures don't quite do it for you, it could well be a full stage 2 package that you require. This will include a VUDU or AIRTEC intercooler, a decat downpipe from an exhaust brand of your choosing, a Forge Motorsport muffler delete, and a Racingline induction kit. This tuning package will boost your Polo figures up to a mouth-watering 280bhp, which is the kind of power that certainly won't go unmissed.

All the VUDU remap softwares have been developed on our in-house 2000whp hub dyno to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and ultimate reliability.

VUDU Remap software starts from £449.00 when flashed at VUDU Performance headquarters on our hub dyno or £499.00 with a tuning tool that will enable you to flash the vehicle from home.

It's vitally important to have the Polo GTI modified correctly and with the appropriate supporting hardware to allow the vehicle to flourish under the increased power gains. We recommend fitting a Racingline Intake System and one from a selection from our range of replacement aftermarket exhaust systems. A Milltek exhaust or Remus exhaust option becoming a popular choice amongst tuners and tuning enthusiasts alike, to get the most out of the Stage one map.

See the VUDU Performance Stage 1 Remap Tuning Package here!

Please note all our remap software has been designed to run on 99 octane fuel.

Polo GTI Tuning Hardware

From styling products brought to us by Maxton Design to aftermarket exhaust systems brought to us by Milltek Sport and Scorpion Exhausts, our Polo GTI collection has a little bit of everything to suit all your tuning needs.

Polo GTI Body Kits

Maxton Design provides the goods when it comes to front splitters, side skirts, and spoiler caps, finished in a stunning gloss black finish to provide that sporty design, turning heads where ever you go.

Polo GTI Exhaust Systems

Our Polo GTI range includes a number of aftermarket exhaust brands with the following available:

  • Milltek Sport
  • Cobra Sport
  • Scorpion Exhausts
  • Remus Exhausts

The choice of system is entirely your preference. For the deeper sounding exhaust, we'd recommend choosing the Cobra Sport option but all four options provide a different tone that not only improves the sound of the Polo but also the rearview design. See our Exhaust Systems Buying Guide here for all the information you need to know.

Polo GTI Lowering Springs

When it comes to lowering springs, Eibach Pro is the obvious choice with its superior ride quality and visually appealing drops to provide that more aggressive stance.

Polo GTI Brake Packages

EBC Brakes and Tarox Brakes provide a high level of braking efficiency to the Polo tuning market. With a high-powered remap flashed on the car, it's important to improve the brakes to match that breathtaking power upgrade. Both brake brands have become the staple diet for braking products in the tuning world with both providing high-performance brake packages to a range of makes & models.

Polo GTI Engine Bay Upgrades

Be sure to take a look at our Forge Motorsport and Racing line product ranges to bring a touch of VW tuning passion to your Polo engine bay. The Racingline brand, in particular, boasts some fine quality engine bay upgrades with billet aluminum sump plugs and oil caps just some of the enhancements you can make to that dull-looking standard design.

Get In Touch

Want to learn more or would like to speak to one of our VW Polo tuning experts? Please get in contact with a member of the team via our Contact Us page to speak to a member of staff.

Come visit us at our workshop in Normanton, West Yorkshire with a team of expert technicians on hand to handle any fittings you may require, we also have our very own HUB dyno to test the maximum output of your VW Polo GTI with a dyno run available from just £78.

Our team of highly skilled technicians have plenty of experience working with the different VW Polo models and will have no issues when it comes to fitting or dyno testing your vehicle should you so require. Contact the team at VUDU Performance to learn more!

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