VW Golf GTI MK8 Stage 1 - VUDU Performance

VW Golf GTI MK8 Stage 1 - VUDU Performance

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VW Golf GTI MK8 Stage 1 - VUDU Performance

The VW MK8 Golf GTI is just one of the car that we provide a Stage 1 Remap for and this will allow your Volkswagen Golf GTI to perform to its full potential. We are able to assure this as we have tested our VUDU ECU Software numerous times to make sure that your car gets the power delivery that your car needs.

The Golf GTI is a front wheel drive and comes with a 7 speed Automatic gearbox or the option for a 6 speed manual transmission so this car has a variety of choices to fit each individual driver. The manual gearbox comes in much cheaper than the Automatic option but sustains the power of the car.

The standard Golf GTI hot hatchback comes with a 4 cylinder turbo making around 245 bhp and 272ftlb of torque. On the other hand the Golf GTI Clubsport model would be very similar to the Golf R MK7 coming in at 300BHP and 295ftlb of torque.

These new models of Golf GTI hot hatch come with a brand new sporty interior including sport seats and a completely new steering wheel to come with it. The Golf GTI MK8 does come with a variety of different drive modes such as Comfort, Eco and Sport.

Golf GTI MK8 Remap Figures

Golf GTI MK8 Stock Figures - 245BHP and 272ftlb

Golf GTI MK8 Stage 1 Figures - VUDU Performance - 320BHP and 331ftlb

I feel like with the Stage 1 Remap the ECU software that we have installed in your Golf GTI MK8 will give it a considerable boost in both power and torque. This software will optimise the performance of your vehicle, allowing it to reach higher levels of acceleration and speed. Additionally, the engine will be able to operate more efficiently, resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

This software will also give your car improved responsiveness and greater control, allowing you to take advantage of its full potential. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results of this upgrade, and look forward to seeing you take your Golf MK8 to the next level.

Just to ensure this we highly recommend to use Tesco 99 or Shell V-power to sustain the high performance that your vehicle can perform at. If you are wanting to use the regular petrol please make sure to let us know as the mechanic will be able to code this into the remap.

For any information about your Golf GTI MK8 tuning, please make sure to contact us via phone, email or through our website. Our team of experts will be able to guide in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us. We look forward to hearing your questions in the future about your Golf GTI MK8.

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