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VW Golf Mk8 GTI Remaps and Tuning Hardware

Give your Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI a new lease of life with our range of remaps and supporting hardware available from VUDU Performance.

The Golf has been a cult classic for many years and we know this MK8 Golf will be no exception. The new Mk8 Golf GTI is here and it's hit the streets by storm, fresh from the showroom with an impressive 316bhp from its 2.0-litre turbocharged engine!

The big brother to the also popular VW Polo GTI, the Golf brings a touch of German elegance to the automotive market with a new design matching the consistent performance levels everyone has come to expect from Volkswagen.

All of our Mk8 Golf collections are continuously updated with the latest performance parts and remap software as they launched onto the Golf GTI tuning market. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions as more and more Golf GTI hardware is released in the coming months ahead.

Golf GTI Remap:

Our Golf GTI Stage 1 Remap is currently under development, keep a lookout on our social media channels for when the software will be ready and available for the world to purchase.

The power gains on the Mk7 Golf GTI model reached an increase of 35%, we are expecting slightly better results from the Mk8 software and we cannot wait to share the news with you once development is complete.

All VUDU Performance software is intensively developed on our very own wheel hub dyno. This ensures the reliability and customer satisfaction are at an all-time high to give you complete peace of mind that the quality of the software is only to the highest possible standard.

Be sure to read our Remapping Stages Explained blog for all the information you need.

Golf GTI Performance Hardware:

Like with the Mk8 Golf R, there is not too much hardware available for this brand new model as of yet. In the coming months, we are expecting to release a range of aftermarket Golf GTI packages to match the high-powered VUDU Performance remaps.

Mk8 Golf GTI Exhaust Systems

Our range of exhaust systems for the Mk8 Golf GTI covers our usual exhaust brand bases. With Milltek Sport, Cobra Sport, and Scorpion Exhaust options to select from. Each exhaust brand is slightly different, providing their own signature exhaust tones. You can listen to the key difference in our addition to the VUDU Garage YouTube channel.

Mk8 Golf GTI Brake Packages

We also offer plenty of brake upgrade options with Racingline Performance providing high-quality big brake kits to provide the stopping power required to match this monstrous hot hatch. It's hugely important to give your car the necessary brake package to cope at them top speed in the sports driving mode.

Mk8 Golf GTI Engine Bay Upgrades

Racingline Performance is also the go-to brand when it comes to engine bay upgrades. From fuel caps to the oil filter housing, Racingline can totally transform the look of the often dull-looking engine bay.

Contact VUDU Performance

Here at VUDU Performance, we offer a wide range of tuning packages to help enhance, and push the Golf GTI to its full potential. Contact a member of the team through our Contact Us page to discuss your Mk8 GTI with one of our technical experts.

We can also arrange to fit any aftermarket hardware should you so require, with our highly skilled technicians boasting a wealth of experience with both the Mk7 and Mk8 generations.

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