VW Golf GTI Mk7 / Mk7.5

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VW Golf GTI Remaps and Tuning Hardware

Enhance your Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI with our range of remaps and supporting hardware available at VUDU Performance.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is almost unrecognizable from the original 1976 Golf model. Fast forward almost half a century later and the Mk7 GTI model is now the definition of a hot hatchback with the subtle styling and consistent performance providing a real German icon.

The bigger brother to the popular VW Polo GTI model, the Golf is a quality and all-around professional piece of kit designed to provide an exciting driving experience to match up against some of the biggest players in the performance world.

Drifting around the £20,000 mark for a second-hand model, it's easy to see why we are seeing a high influx of younger generation drivers picking these up, ready to dive into the world of Golf GTI tuning. This model certainly packs a punch and provides a healthy 227bhp at standard, but at VUDU Performance our team of expert technicians can always find room for improvement.

VW Golf GTI Remap Software

Our research and development in the Ford industry speaks for itself, it was only natural for us to expand our work into the Volkswagen tuning world with our range of VUDU remapping software and performance-enhancing tuning hardware.

Working alongside some of the very best software developers in the world, VUDU Performance help provide that superior driving experience, even on the simplest stage 1 upgrade, to completely transform that 2.0TSI engine, whether that be the manual or DSG model.

Owners of the Mk7 and Mk7.5 GTI models should seriously consider a remap in order to obtain the full VUDU Performance experience. You can even flash the VUDU software from the comfort of your home with the use of the VUDU Remap Software Tuning Tool.

Expect power gains of up to 35% with VUDU Stage 1 figures taking this hot hatch to 310bhp!

These figures will heavily depend on the condition of the vehicle and the supporting hardware the car is running. To achieve the best results from the Stage 1 Remap, we strongly recommend fitting an intake system with Racingline Performance providing the greatest value for money alongside a muffler delete and an intercooler.

At VUDU Performance we offer a range of muffler deletes with Racingline and APR becoming increasingly popular choices. Intercooler-wise, the AIRTEC option provides a significant cooling solution to allow the stage 1 file to perform at its maximum while providing you with a healthy peace of mind that the car will not overheat.

All VUDU Performance software has been intensely developed on our very own wheel hub dyno to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and reliability. Dyno runs are included in the price when you select the flashed at VUDU Performance option on the individual product page but should you wish to test the maximum output of your car without an engine flash then prices start from just £78. All dyno runs come with a printout so that you can see the new maximum output of the vehicle alongside the standard figures.

We are often asked about the fuel economy when it comes to remapping a vehicle. You should expect a slight dip as you enjoy the first few weeks with that increased power reaching the top speeds far quicker. However, once you settle back into your normal driving pattern, you should expect the fuel economy to balance out to a normal standard.

Take a look at the Golf GTI stage 1 remap package on the VUDU Performance website, prices start from £449 for the remap software alone. Please note all our remap softwares are designed to run 99 octane fuel.

VW Golf GTI Performance Hardware

It is important to run the correct Golf GTI hardware when it comes to remapping the vehicle. At VUDU Performance we have the products and services on hand to improve your Golf GTI further with a range of high-quality remaps and tuning packages. We only stock the finest tuning products, from intake kits to exhaust systems, to give our customers the greatest possible performance from their vehicles.

Being part of the MQB platform, a lot of the hardware and performance packs on the Mk7 Golf GTI will be the same as Mk7 Golf R and Audi S3.

Golf GTI Exhaust Systems:

Our range of exhausts for the Mk7 Golf GTI covers our usual performance exhaust brands with Scorpion Exhausts, Cobra Sport, Milltek Sport, and Remus exhausts to choose from.

The choice of system is entirely your choice, with each brand producing a slightly different exhaust tone. For more information on finding the exhaust for you, be sure to read our Exhaust Systems Buying Guide.

Golf GTI Brake Packages:

At VUDU Performance we offer plenty of brake upgrade options with a number of brake specialist brands providing some high-quality brake discs and brake lines. With engine remaps providing higher power, it's important to improve the stopping power with a good quality big brake kit.

Golf GTI Engine Bay Upgrades:

When it comes to the engine bay, Racingline Performance provides all the goods from magnetic sump plugs to washer fluid caps. Their standard billet aluminium material enhances the engine bay from an otherwise dull-looking design to an engineering piece of art.

Golf GTI Body Kits:

For all your exterior design needs, we strongly recommend looking at our Maxton Design collection of splitters, all finished in the superb and sporty looking gloss back finish.

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For more information on the Golf GTI packages and remap software that we offer, please contact our tuning experts through our Contact Us page.

Our team of highly skilled technicians have plenty of experience working with the different models in the MQB platform and will have no issues when it comes to fitting or dyno testing your vehicle should you so require.

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