Project Zed

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In 2009, VUDU were invited by Abby Motorsport to work with John Bradshaw at Brams Racing on a Nissan Skyline GTsT (Project GTsT). We produced a GT45/47R hybrid turbo for the vehicle and in 2010 it became the fastest Skyline on the planet with a time of 7.45 seconds at 187mph. So when we were asked to take part in the next venture, a Nissan 350Z drag car, we jumped at the opportunity. Working closely with the team, we designed and produced a pair of hybrid S400 turbos, with bespoke V-Band turbine housings. Then we collaborated with Turbosmart to produce the external wastegate. And, of course, as the engine development of Project Zed is a continual process, our job is far from over. Right now, Project Zed is Europe’s first 6-second Japanese car. That also makes it Europe’s fastest Japanese car. However, the ultimate aim is to make it the fastest Japanese car in the world. It’s a high ambition, but the right people and expertise are in place. And we think that it’s only a matter of time.

Project Zed’s performance figures based on the car running at just over 1800 bhp:

Highest speed: 211.8 mph in 6.74 seconds on 18th September 2011.

Fastest quarter mile: 6.63 seconds at 209 mph on 18th September 2011.



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