BMW M140i Development

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BMW M140i Development at VUDU Performance

Yesterday we were able to do some testing on our latest demo vehicle a 17 plate BMW M140i equipped with the B58 engine a 3.0ltr straight 6 with a twin scroll turbo.

With us unable to offer our own tuning on this ECU the Burger Motorsport JB4 tune is about the best option on the market, that said we are not far from cracking the ECU.

We know that the base figure for the car is 327whp and 367lbft as we tested it with in a few weeks of us owning it. As we work closely with Cobra it only seemed right we install a turbo back non resonated system. With the system installed and no worries about the tips corroding like the OEM items we ran the car back up on the dyno. This is where it gets interesting ! by just installing a turbo back system the car produced 349.2whp and 389.9lbft this is an increase of 22 whp and lbft and sounds fantastic. As the car cooled down we installed the ITG panel filter, Burger Motorsport JB4 and EWG loom and ran it on map 1,2 and 5, the best results were seen to be on Map 5 where it produced 423whp and 453lbft this means we saw an over all increase of 96whp and 86lbft over the stock tuning.

Stock 327whp | 367lbft

Stock with Cobra turbo back 349whp | 389lbft

JB4 Map 5, Cobra turbo back, ITG 423whp | 453lbft

All the results are taken from our in house Dyna Pack hub dyno and the vehicle running Shell V power.

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Cobra v Stock BMW M140i

Dyno Results



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