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Design and Planning at VUDU Performance

Tell us your goals and our experts will advise you on how to get there.

We love to be part of our customer’s projects. With our experience, we can help you achieve your goal.

Everything from advice and quotations all the way through to large scale builds, with years of motorsport
heritage and tuning understanding, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done.

Turn your vision into reality

We have worked on all sorts of builds from ‘Project ZED’ the world’s fastest Nissan GTR, to ‘The Rocket’ a zero lag turbo system we developed on our Subaru Impreza, along with a number of track day and race car builds. We can offer our years of motorsport and automotive knowledge and when it comes to a customer’s vision, we are here to turn it into reality.


Here at VUDU we have one of the best chassis dyno setups available in the UK and we like to use it! No matter what your setup or aim we will have a service package to suit. With free advice and a labour rate of £65 + Vat an hour, we can accommodate all.

Power Runs

Power runs are available throughout the week and are very useful. Whether you want to simply check your cars actual output or if you think your vehicle has a suspected issue and you wish to test it, we can help. A power run actually consists of 3 power runs which give us consistent feedback from the car. This feedback comes in the form of a dyno graph which you get to keep. Our dyno operator will then go through the graphs with you and, if required, will offer advice on what to do next.

  • 2WD run = £65 + VAT
  • 4WD run = £80 + VAT

Dyno Hire

Hiring the dyno. If you have your own preferred mapper, wish to carry out research and development, or want to do some setup work yourself then why not hire our facilities and do it in a safe environment? Hiring the dyno can be done on an hourly basis and a dyno operator is included in the fee. We, at VUDU, have worked closely with many other companies performing R&D work and pride ourselves in being able to offer a state of the art facility and utmost confidentiality.

  • £80 + VAT per hour
  • £70 + VAT per hour (trade)

Jack Roberts Fiesta

"Drove over 4 hours to VUDU Performance and back today and have to say it was worth it! It’s like a new car with the Peron Stage 2 fitted and my average MPG has gone through the roof somehow?
Milltek is silent on the motorway but sounds lovely on the overrun and when it’s revving. Great service and top quality products!" - Jack Roberts, Dec 2016.

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  • I’ve just had a price from dreamscience of £3300 for the TXX Turbo package, hybrid turbo, oil cooler, high flow fuel pump, 550 injectors, making 380bhp, I wondered if you had a package making more bhp ? Focus st225

    Dean Hunter on

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