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Check out this ultimate guide on how the Golf R Mk8 and Golf Mk7 R launch control works!

We are regularly asked about launch control and how to engage it specifically by people who have decided on a remap or tuning work as it’s in our nature to provide the goods! The VW Golf in its R models has been known for a ferocious launch control that is only further enhanced when tuning the ECU and TCU.

With stock 0-60mph times, already ahead of their time and a DSG gearbox that can handle about as many launches as you can throw at it, it’s certainly no surprise we are constantly asked about how to launch the Golf R.

Let’s start with the Golf Mk7/7.5 and how to engage launch.

Step one is very simple, you simply hold down the ESC traction control button until everything is completely disabled, and you hear a notable beep to confirm traction and stability control is off.

At this point you should be able to engage sport mode and use your left foot to hold the brake pedal and your right foot give it a little throttle. At which point you should not feel the clutch transmissions engage and it should feel free revving. If that is the case your Golf R launch control is active.

Hold the steering wheel straight and let the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine build boost. Remove your foot from the Golf accelerator and allow the wizardry to commence. The epic four-wheel drive system in this platform is intense as standard but with a stage one tune it goes to all new levels.

Golf R Ultimate VUDU Performance package can be seen here.

Golf R MK7 Launch Control

Some light warnings about the use of the Volkswagen Golf launch control system in terms of DSG and EA888 engine reliability.

It should be used with maturity! Multiple launches back-to-back on any car will create heat in the clutch packs and get the engine and turbo system hot which could result in DSG clutches slipping or engine and turbo failures.

The Golf R is a particularly strong platform which is why it’s become such a popular car to remap and tune up, however this doesn’t mean that it is immune to failure should it be misused.

Onto the Golf Mk8 R launch control.

With the recent launch of the Mk8 Golf, we ourselves struggled to find out how to activate the launch control system which was somewhat frustrating to say the least. In fact, this was the initial reason for us to look at the Golf R launch control blog to help new users to find it quickly.

Step 1 is to enter the complex infotainment system of the Golf R Mk8 and select vehicle. At this point you are required to swipe across to where it says "brakes" in this menu you can select the level of traction control you require.

Golf R MK8 Interior

It is important at this point that you select the complete disable option which will flash up a message asking to confirm. Once done, the system will disengage all the stability control and traction control of your Golf Mk8 so please drive within your limits.

From here you can now select the S sport mode option on the Golf gear lever whilst keeping the steering wheel straight. Now you should hold the brake pedal with your left foot and press lightly on the accelerator with your right foot, if you have engaged launch control properly, the four-wheel drive system will not engage as the clutch packs will stay released until you are off the brake pedal.

Once confirmed you can go ahead and press the accelerator pedal to the floor, the dash will give you a launch control active screen and the revs will hold. Await the EA888 engine to build boost before releasing the brake and allowing the clutch to engage and propel the Golf Mk8 R from 0-60 in a matter of seconds.

If the sheer speed of the Golf R Mk8 isn’t enough for you, try reading about our remapping stages explained blog which will tell you all you need to know about remapping your Golf to a stage 1 or stage 2 tune and if brave enough going for a stage 3 tune with a hybrid turbo.

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Golf R MK8 Launch Control

Should you have a manual gearbox in your Golf R, this hot hatch will need to be controlled with your right foot and clutch during launch mode.

We hope this launch control guide is useful and provides some helpful knowledge. Please give it a share and comment below to let us know how you found activating your Golf R launch control.

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