Fiesta ST VT330R Turbo vs X-47

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Fiesta ST VT330R Turbo Comparison

VUDU Performance VT330R VS Pumaspeeds X-47

The graph shows a comparison between a VT330R and an X-47, the solid lines show the VT330R where the dotted lines show the X-47

The VT330R out weights the X-47 in reliability quality and performance. Offering the ultimate in turbo technology and supported with the highly regarded VUDU tuning. The VT330R offers an OEM feel and fantastic driving with unrivaled quality, performance, and support. Its important to ensure that we have years of experience creating well crafted turbos to increase performance and quality of your vehicle

The MAXED out tuning that accompanies the x-47 uses throttle control at lower rpm’s, to bring the turbo on boost slightly quicker than something designed to run a WOT at all times.

Although this may be good for low-end torque, unfortunately not having a wide open throttle through out the rev range results in a loss of power, torque, and an unattractive dyno graph.

The VT330R gives you all the power of a big turbo conversion without the lag, Expense and running issues.

Order your Fiesta ST VT330R.

Hybrid Turbos Power Comparison



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