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M140i Remap Software

When it comes to BMW M140i modifications we have been around the block. Having owned one of the first M140i's in the country we quickly set about testing all kinds of accessories from exhausts systems to wheel spacers and maxton design splitter kits. We also used the car to develop our range of BMW M140i remaps meaning we had full control and no time limit on development just how we like it.

The BMW M140i & M240i share the same B58 engine which has become renowned for its incredible ability to handle huge increases in power right from the factory. Whilst the N55 engine found in the BMW m135i was a silky smooth 6cyl engine almost the same the al new BMW b58 is considerably better in all areas.

Right here we have a comprehensive top 5 BMW M140i performance parts list we would sight as the go to for further improving your M140i.

M140i Remaps

Isnt more power what we always end up wanting. It goes without saying the B58 engine tuned from factory is somewhat limited. Ultimatley if BMW let the rains loose on the B58 even with the stock hardware you can expect well in excess of 400-420bhp without the requirement of further hardware modifications to your BMW M140i and if your feeling brave with a full suite of performance part upgrades and a VUDU performance stage 3 remap to suit you can expect up to 500bhp comfortably on the stock B58 engine.

M140i Remap

Stage 1 remap:-

The VUDU performance BMW M140i stage 1 remap was developed from the ground up using our own demonstration vehicle. The stage 1 is a bespoke calibration to optimise engine performance without the requirement of upgraded hardware. All of our BMW remaps are designed to run with optimum fuel grades of 98ron or higher. Should you require a lowergrade 95ron tune we can accommodate this at the point of calibration.

Our stage 1 remap for the M140i can be calibrated on our in house dyno in Wakefield West Yorkshire or alternatively it can be purchased with a home flash tuning tool which will carry up to 5 of our ECU remaps.

Stock M140i 365bhp 500nm

VUDU Stage 1 M140i 400-420bhp 600nm

Stage 2 Remap:-

Not for the faint hearted the VUDU Performance M140i stage 2 remap is an extreme lift in power from the stock car. We spent over 100 hours of collective R&D time on the dyno before completing countless road miles to achieve a polished and powerful result with this remap.

The stage 2 remap requires extra hardware to perform correctly that can be seen in the product page. Using the correct hardware to compliment our Stage 2 ECU remap will give upwards of 450hp and 460Ib of torque to the rear wheel drive m140 & m240.

Stock M140i 365bhp 500nm

Stage 2 M140i 450bhp 630nm

Our remaps are suitable for the following models.

M140i M240i 340i 440i

BMW M140i Body Kits

The BMW M140 isn't much of an upgrade compared to the previous LCI M135i looks wise. We realised this fairly quickly and set to working with Maxton design to produce some lovely splitter kits including various M140i front splitters, side skirts and possibly our most popular product the rear valance.

BMW M140i Splitter Kits

It's difficult to specify one specific product from the list of M140i body kit parts mainly because the installation of each piece complements the other. We can say most people usually come and have the full kit installed at once and see that as a single modification.

We have a massive collection of Maxton BMW splitter kits so it's worth checking out the whole collection and fitting something to your budget.

Maxton design body kits are a hard wearing ABS plastic with a gloss black finish although they can be simple to fit at home some of the more technical pieces we recommend coming to our Garage in Wakefield for fitting.

Upgraded exhaust systems

Another superb upgrade especially for the newer cars from mid 2018 onwards that run with a PPF. We have options for that a M140i PPF delete is a great option and also removes the rear silencer so the exhaust note of the newer 2018+ cars is vastly improved. you will require an ECU remap to work with this which can be done remotely using our tuning tool or in house on the dyno.

BMW M140i Exhaust System

Cat Back Exhaust

Those looking to improve the exhaust note of any M140 without the requirement of a remap or having issues at MOT time may opt for a cat back exhaust system. We offer a full range of systems from Milltek sport, Scorpion exhaust and Cobra Sport Exhausts among others. Our personal favourite exhaust for the M140i is the Milltek race non res.

If you are struggling to decide on a non resonated exhaust or resonated exhaust its worth having a read of our blog where we explain the differences.

M140i Exhaust tips

Simple and effective. Upgrading the tips on your M140 couldn't be easier they are quite literally pushed on with a clip. Cobra sport offer some really fantastic exhaust tip options that are high quality and direct fitment. This is certainly a DIY job too.

M140i Lowering Springs And Spacers:-

Also known as a stance kit when installed together lowering the M140 is again a top priority for most customers. the standard car does sit particularly high and doesn't have the most aggressive look.

M140i Eibach Springs

We prefer the Eibach lowering springs on the BMW m140i and m240i mainly due to the aesthetically pleasing drop in height but also because the almost completely unaffected ride after installation is perfect.

When lowering the car it becomes reasonably obvious that the wheels are then sat marginally too far in. We like to use the forge spacers in our stage kit which offer a 13mm increase all around and sit perfectly. We use an extended set of wheel bolts to ensure that the wheels are still safely installed.

Most customers opt to do lowering springs and spacers at the same time. This isn't really a job we would recommend as DIY.

Brake Discs and Brake Pads:-

Whilst the calipers, brake discs and pads look massive on the M140i and M240i unfortunately the quality is not superb. They are clearly not up to that of a proper M car. They are suited to a more docile road car with a little extra power. After just a handful of heavy stops you can feel the brake fade straight away.

M140i Brakes

We have a massive list of upgraded brake components for the BMW M140i however we personally used the Tarox brakes upgrade with an F2000 disc combined with a Tarox strada pad. This drastically improved the braking on our demo M140i. We where then able to push hard on road and track even with over 450bhp.

A good additional upgrade whilst installing a brake upgrade is the VUDU Performance M140i upgraded brake lines. These are made bespoke for VUDU by Goodridge and offer an amazing upgrade in pedal feel.



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