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VUDU Performance


Company name change marks an exciting progression!

AET Motorsport Ltd and VUDU Performance Ltd are excited to announce a rebrand of the current website and trade network, combining two of the leading forces in the tuning and performance software industry.

The rebrand takes effect as of today (Friday 17th November 2023) and combines both our sister companies (AET Motorsport Ltd and VUDU Performance Ltd) into one whole brand moving forward.

AET is steeped in proud motorsport heritage and has built a wide-reaching reputation in the tuning industry on top of those foundations.

The vast progress of AET over the last decade has allowed us to quickly introduce our own range of hardware and performance software to the motorsport world through VUDU Performance, a brand that is now synonymous with Ford, VAG, BMW and MINI performance.

The continued success of VUDU Performance is our proudest achievement to date. The popularity of the hardware and performance software we have produced has steered the decision to rebrand.

Sales Director Nick Cook hails evolution:

“I’m excited by the prospect of focusing all our energy into a one-stop-shop for all things performance without the confusion of two brands to manage.

I am extremely grateful to our loyal customer base for both AET Motorsport and VUDU Performance for allowing us to fulfil our dream to offer the very best performance parts and software calibrations to the European car market.

Rest assured, our company objectives are to remain the same. We will provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your tuning needs, whilst continuing with our excellent customer service.”

Thank you for your continued support.

VUDU Rebrand



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