TDI Tuning vs Voodoo VT245R

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Focus ST TDCI Tuning

Nick dropped his car off for an VUDU Performance Voodoo VT245R package installing to his Ford Focus ST TDCI. The vehicle was already running a TDI tuning box along with an uprated aftermarket intercooler.

We initially ran the car up on the dyno before installing the Voodoo package and it made 206whp and 340lbft.

As part of the VT245R package, we remove the DFP and produce a custom map designed specifically for the vehicle adjusting it to gain maximum performance, whilst keeping reliability and driveability number 1 priority. As part of the upgrade, we were also able to offer Nick a hard cut limiter and with a finished result of 219whp and 372lbft, it was a great transformation.

As you can see below from the dyno graphs the results were fantastic and the customer was thrilled.

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Focus ST TDCi Results


Focus ST Results


Focus ST Results



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