Rockingham Track Day

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Ford Fiesta ST at Rockingham Trackday

Racing is full of ups and down, After our last outing at Silverstone where we were suffering from fluctuating fuel pressure, fuel filter issues, in practice and qualifying, not to mention the failed fuel fitting showering the window screen with Shell Vpower on the out lap of Nick’s first race, that could have been VOODOOPA1’s last, if it wasn’t due to the quick thinking from Nick, pulling over and shutting the car down.

Back at VUDU HQ Patrick set about sorting the fuel system along with a few bits. We headed into Rockingham hopeful of doing well.

Rockingham Qualifying round up

Qualifying was not without its issues. Both Nick and Andy reported a splutter/ cutting out in the high-speed section of the track. Unable to set a fast lap fault free meant we had qualified 18th out of a grid of 21 cars.

With both technicians on hand to check data and replace the fuel filter as the fuel reg was displaying a drop in pressure.After qualifying we were asked to report to the dyno for a power run, power run complete and the results in, we were bang on the class power limit but 4db over the noise limit so the silencer was fitted to our custom Cobra exhaust system.

The day was a combination of torrential rain and sun, This would play into the hand of the FWD Fiesta, as we saw in practice the day before we were able to out dragging the RWD cars out of the bends.

Race round up,

Well, we managed to complete the 45 min race fault free.
Andy Taylor started the race trouble free picking off places and doing well to keep out of trouble ( as you can see from the video below). Just 10 mins in the race and sky went black with cloud formations not to dis similar to that film Twister, as the cloud moved over and the echo of thunder could be heard it threw it down.

The yellow flag was shown and the safety car was on track for a number of laps. At this point, most of the teams started to change drivers with the odd team swapping to tyres. We left Andy to carry on as the rain was starting to ease off. With the pit window nearly closed Andy came in where the whole team set on the car swapping drivers, checking tyre pressures and checking the wheels nuts.

The 1 min mandatory stop completed and Nick in the driver’s seat he took to the track, having some good battles and picking up some places to bring it home 5th in class and 9th overall.

Considering the horrendous weather conditions and the faults we have over come we’re well chuffed.

Special thanks to Turbosmart, Pro alloy, Aim technologies, Cobra Exhausts, Tarox, ITG air filters, Summit and Swave with a special shout out to James at racinglines who has turned up to both races and offer support and much-needed parts.



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