The Evolution From Road to Track Car

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This month we have a 06 plate (Hawkeye) Subaru Impreza STI going under the ratchet for some track preparation. Upon receiving the Subaru it had already been treated to the following bits of kit Porsche GT callipers with AP racing discs. A set of AST adjustable Coilover help with ride control and under the bonnet it a Cosworth long engine with a direct fit GT29R ball bearing turbo, Forge Motorsport actuator, 650cc injectors, Powerstation turbo water hose, Powerstation oil hose, piper cross air filter and a Milltek exhaust lets the gasses out.

The customer’s request from VUDU Performance was for us to give our years of advice to help him achieve his goal. Using our years of experience and knowledge we are able to build him a fast track car that has the ability to enter competitive races due to FIA approved parts and equipment.

First of It was decided that the scooby required a diet so Jack (VUDU Performances Mechanical Technician) set his hand to remove the seats, carpets, seat belts and anything else that was surplus to requirement. Once the chassis had been cleaned and prepped it was time to fit a bolt in 6 point SAFETY DEVICES roll cage mounted to chassis welded legs. For improved visuals, the stock wheel was replaced with SPARCO wheel attached to a VOODOO INSIDE quick release hub boss.


Now that Jack has made short work of stripping and cleaning the interior out, all the plates were welded in and ground back, before being given a coat of Obsidian black matching the exterior paint.

One of the requests from the customer was a set of race seats. We advised the best seat to fit the customer needs were a pair of stunning FIA approved Sparco EVO II seats. These would then be bolted to Recaro Keiper seat runners also FIA approved. Keeping the drive and any brave passenger! securely in place is a 6 point TRS Magnum harness (FIA approved). Using proper tried and tested equipment approved by the FIA means that the owner can use his car to compete in competitive races knowing his Subaru is fitted with the best products on the market.

With all the interior parts fitted next on the agenda was to replace the heavily warn discs. The Porsche GT callipers were treated to a new pair of AP racing discs and a set of FerodoDS2500 pads.

Under the bonnet is heavily modified so there wasn’t much to be done under there. When the customer dropped the car off it was down on power, this was diagnosed to be a boost leak resulting in an intercooler hose that had to blow off under load. We suggested that the clamps be replaced for Turbosmart Murray clamps that are specifically designed to work under pressure and won’t release the grip on the pipe.


As we round the corner and head for the finish on the Subaru STI track car build we have finished up the welded and bolted in Safety Devices roll cage with some padding, not only for aesthetics but to save the customer knees and head when getting in and out of the car. For maximum comfort, we invited the customer back in to allow Jack to set the seat up specifically for the customer's height along with the harnesses. As the last thing we want it the driver to be uncomfortable when attacking the track. With the seat all set up, the TRS harnesses were attached to the eye bolt chassis mounted plates. With the new braked fitted the system was bled before Jack took the car for a run to bed the new pads to the discs.

So you may be thinking why does this track car build still have the door cards and boot carpet and boot lining? Well, a request from the customer was that some soundproofing was to be left as this Subaru STI will be driven back and forth to the track (fingers crossed) rather than towed. So we left the speakers and the door's card, along with the navigation FM radio. The boot carpet was also refitted so that items could be stored in the boot without them rolling about in the spare wheel well.

When Jack was checking for the boost leak he noticed that the air filter that was fitted to the car was heavily soiled and the foam was disintegrating, this was replaced with an ITG Maxogen air filter that instantly caused the Subaru to breath better.

So a quick overview of what we have completed on the vehicle:

  1. Diagnose boost leak
  2. Fit Turbosmart Murry clamps
  3. Strip interior / tidy wiring
  4. Replace air filter
  5. Replace discs and pads with AP racing discs and Ferodo pads
  6. Fit FIA approved Safety Devices roll cage
  7. FIA approved Sparco Evo II seats
  8. FIA approved Recaro Keiper seat runner
  9. FIA approved TRS harness
  10. Attach Sparco steering wheel and quick release hub boss
  11. Refit head unit and boot liner

Now that VUDU Performance has completed the project working alongside the customer and their request we have managed to make their idea reality. With the car treated to a wash and vac and a few pictures before the customer collected the car.

All that is left to do is for the customer to test it on this weekends track day.

Thanks from all the guys at VUDU Performance.



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