VT330R Dyno Testing In Scotland

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Voodoo Car in Scotland

Last Friday our very own Nick Cook took a trip to Scotland to visit a few dynos and catch up with our newest dealer. The car left having been tested on our hub dyno the night before running 288 whp and 310 lbft.
Nick’s first stop was at Ecotune UK located in Glasgow where the car was checked over before being strapped down and a number of runs were performed. The car put out 326 bhp and 337 ftlbs at 26.9psi or 1.85 bar. This is a great result as the Ecotune dyno has a reputation of giving harsh results.


Nick then headed 30 mins down the road to GI Motorsport at Kilmarnock who have a Dastek dyno. Andy loaded the car on to the dyno and set it up before running the Voodoo car in 4th where it produced a respectable 330.5bhp (285.5whp) and 290lbft.

GI Motorsport

With just over an hour and 30 min drive Nicks last dyno appointment was with our newest PERON dealer RA Motorsport. Russ set about the car performing a number of runs where we saw 327.9bhp (280whp) and 294lbft. The blue line on the graph is an inertia run and the red line is a braked run.

RA Motorsport Development

After a long day of running around Scotland the Voodoo Fiesta ST had performed flawlessly, The car and VT330R package we offer gave the expected power figures, confirming the development and readings our in house dynapack hub dyno offers.

All of the dyno operators commented on how well the turbo built and held boost whilst producing a smooth graph.

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