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Millers Oils have actively strived to become the market leader for advanced oils and fuel treatments since founded back in 1887. Producing highly advanced products for a variety of automotive and motorsport vehicles, Millers Oils are now widely regarded as the most favoured oils on the market among both racers and tuning companies alike.

At VUDU Performance, we like to not only offer the finest products on the tuning market but also test the products on our very own VUDU demonstration vehicles. We have used Millers Oil in our 1.0 EcoBoost and ST180 cars over the past 12 months on regular trips to race circuits across the UK. It's safe to say, Millers Oils is without fail one of the finest oils on the market having proven to be a vital member of our very own VUDU brand.

See how we got on at the Nurburgring in our very own Ford Fiesta ST180 demonstration vehicle:

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